Consider Post and Panel Signs in Huntersville NC in Lieu of Monuments!

Consider Post and Panel Signs in Huntersville NC in Lieu of Monuments!

Monument signs ensure that drivers will not pass by your location. In fact, by placing these products near the entrances of your parking lot, you help motorists navigate safely to the turn lane that allows them to enter your property. But did you know that there is another alternative to the traditional monument sign? Post and panel signs in Huntersville, NC, are now quickly taking their places. Why?

Why Do Business Owners Now Opt for Alternatives to Monuments?

In a word: cost. The traditional monument sign consists of a brick and mortar setup that takes several work hours to put together. For the newcomer to the niche or the city, this investment is sometimes not feasible. Although there are less expensive monuments available, the budget-friendly customization options that post and panel presentations bring to the table is difficult to match even with a foam or aluminum monument. Moreover, if you plan to add this signage type to multiple parking lot entrances, the savings quickly add up.

Customizing the Post and Panel Sign

The typical post selection features pressure-treated wood and metal. Wood is something you might see in temporary monuments at the entrances to housing developments and commercial property construction sites. When the construction phase is over, and the spaces are rented or sold, these markers are replaced with either monuments or permanent post and panel signs that feature metal.

The board portion of the sign offers added material alternatives.

  • Alumalite. Envision a panel that consists of two aluminum boards, which sandwich a polyethylene core in between them. This product neither warps in the heat of the day nor bends with the wind, which protects the overall integrity of the structure. Our clients typically ask for a custom-imprinted vinyl overlay that features the desired information.
  • MDO. Medium-density overlay (MDO) panels combine plywood with a bonded resin surface to create a weather and heat-resistant material. The resin presents the panel with a white surface that is ideally suited for the installation of dimensional letters or vinyl overlays.
  • Metal frame with acrylic insert. This type of setup is suitable when you like the idea of ornamentation. The metal portion creates the frame that holds an etched or imprinted acrylic panel. Another option is the installation of dimensional letters that catch the eye.

By the way, did you know that you could accessorize these setups with LEDs to provide illumination? We always recommend lit signage whenever possible, and taking advantage of this option is a great idea. Decorative touches for the posts, ornamental caps, and carefully worked footings further enhance the great looks of the signs.

Buy Post and Panel Signs in Huntersville, NC

If you have held off on the purchase of a monument sign for your business, now is an excellent time to take a closer look at the various types of post and panel signs we offer. Do not let drivers keep on going to the competition because they missed the turn into your lot!

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