Printing on Acrylic: Great Office Signs for Charlotte NC!

Printing on Acrylic: Great Office Signs for Charlotte NC!

The majority of our clients are familiar with our vinyl prints. They know that we can put pretty much anything on vinyl, which we can then install as overlays, vehicle graphics, or window lettering. However, did you know that we also print directly on canvas, metal, and acrylic? There are plenty of products you can display by printing on acrylic: great office signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses, and advertisements that go on the interior or exterior! What do you need to know about this option today?

Challenge the Consumer to Learn More about the Business

Whether you are working on a new corporate concept or you want the customer to become immersed in your vision for a product or service, acrylic prints can be the ideal medium to make this happen. Because these products wipe clean easily, they are superior presentation options for training rooms and areas where a large number of visitors walk through. Many business owners like to present them at street fairs, within the expo environment, or when visiting schools to introduce a concept with a strong impact on the local economy or environment. Since acrylic can be painted in any color of the rainbow, it is a natural step to boosting your brand communication as well.

Lobby Signs Let You Combine the Substrate with a Broad Range of Style Elements

Our clients appreciate lobby logo boards because they bring a level of versatility to the space that few other signage products achieve. For starters, they look sophisticated when kept in their transparent states. That said, painting them in your custom corporate color palette is a snap. Our graphic artists can add lettering with vinyl overlays by mounting dimensional letters and by imprinting the material directly. But why not go for the gusto and use all three techniques on a larger panel? The resulting appearance is stunning, eye-catching, and most certainly memorable. By the way, did you know that it is possible to illuminate this setup with hidden LEDs, too?

Artwork with a Purpose Brands and Communicates a Corporate Vision

Expansion plans are the hallmarks of any healthy company. However, how do you tell the consumer that you are at this level of health without the presentation of boring stock portfolios and industry insider magazine write-ups? The answer is simple: acrylic wall art. Envision the use of transparent acrylic panels to which we mount – via overlay – the images of cities to which you already expanded or plan to open new offices in the future. Next, we take another panel and imprint it with the location’s name and a small corporate logo placement. Then, we mount the last panel on top of the first for an aesthetically pleasing 3D display. Installed with brushed aluminum standoffs on your office walls, these images are sure to generate plenty of comments.

Say it with us – printing on acrylic: great office signs for Charlotte, NC. If we have piqued your curiosity about this look and you are wondering what this manufacturing technique could bring to your setting, discuss your thoughts with our graphic artists today!