Prismatic Cut Acrylic Letters Add Professional Look to Lobby Signs in Charlotte

You find the office for Horizon Investments, LLC at 13024 Ballantyne Corporate Place in Suite 225. The firm manages investments for clients who are thinking long-term and pursue goal-oriented financial strategies. When the company’s management team decided to add a lobby sign to its office setup, its representatives contacted our signage specialists for assistance.

Prismatic Cut Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs in Charlotte, NC

After meeting with our client, we designed a signage solution that features cut acrylic letters and prismatic style elements to identify the logo portion of the signage. The lettering, top, and bottom parts of the logo present with white colors. The horizontal line of the stylized “H” features a yellow tone. The combination of cut letters and prismatic style elements for the symbol create a visually appealing arrangement.

Behind the Appeal of Prismatic and Cut Plastic

What sets apart this material from others is the versatility it brings to your lobby. Rounded architectural style letters are ideal for glossy paint applications because the curved fronts reflect the light with unusual patterns. But this product solution also shows off narrower fonts in style. No matter what presentation you select, prismatic features offer depths of up to three inches. Heights of these products range from two inches to about 48 inches.

The cut appearance heightens the attractive lines of the formed plastic. As a general rule of thumb, choose darker colors to show off more pronounced prismatic facings while lighter colors soften the appearances of shaped lettering. Merge the two looks for a presentation that wows customers and offers you an excellent opportunity to communicate your branding message in a professional manner. Doing so means taking a page from the playbook of Horizon Investments, which succeeds in presenting lighter and darker tones against a brown wall.

Other Plastic Letter Options

If you are not sure that formed plastic really is the ideal vehicle for your marketing message, consider laser-cut acrylic. This product allows for thicknesses of up to one inch. Heights may vary from one inch to about 72 inches. These products amaze with the crisp nature of their edging; what makes them pop, however, is the broad range of colors that you might choose. Hot trends this year include metallic tones, which are quickly gaining in favor with companies seeking to imbue their settings with a professional yet contemporary vibe.

When you need to keep a watchful eye on your budget, we recommend the commissioning of foam letters that we outfit with a thin acrylic laminate. Doing so allows you to enjoy the beauty that acrylic brings to your walls, capitalize on the depths you can present with foam and benefit from the savings that the latter material affords. This option is popular with start-up companies that want to hit the ground running without spending overly much on signage (but want to look as though they did).

If we have inspired you to consider buying 3D letter lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, schedule your design consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. We help you to put together a lobby display that is professional, attractive, and suitable for communicating your branding and marketing messages.