3 Affordable Exterior Sign Options for Indian Trail NC

Located in Union County, Indian Trail is famous for its Fourth of July parade and its growing small business community. Affordable exterior signs for Indian Trail, NC, members of the business community must appeal to those with start-ups as well as to those who have established their companies over the course of the years. Moreover, their branding and marketing messages must appeal to consumers. What are your options?

1. PVC or Acrylic Lettering

This neon-lit signage solution is durable, looks sleek and is a modern product that underscores a company’s relevance for today’s consumer. Both materials present in a rainbow of colors and offer customization options, too. Flat-cut lettering attaches directly to the wall surface and becomes a part of the façade. For a three-dimensional effect, consider the use of signage foam to which we can apply an acrylic laminate. This look makes the lettering stand out.

2. Post and Panel Signs

Plenty of small business owners rely on post and panel signage to act as a combination of monument and wayfinding product. In the past, these products were utilitarian. This is no longer the case. Now, there are numerous decorative elements that make these signs fit into historic neighborhoods, modern suburbs and also into the strip mall setting. Lighting packages are available as well. Usually, these signage solutions are stand-alone products that do not require installation to the façade. That said, it is possible to attach them in some cases.

3. Sandblasted Signs

Budget-friendly exterior signs for retail stores in Indian Trail, NC, include the option of sandblasted markers. Choose a plank of either high-density urethane (HDU) or wood. We mask off the areas that you want to display. The rest is sandblasted. The finished marker displays your company’s information against an attractive backdrop. We can color in the signage, add a background texture and then install it. Options include façade mounts, eyehooks or the use of mounting arms, which remind of the shingles that were so common in old European merchant quarters.

Choosing Your Signage Product

Call the experts at the Sign Factory for more information on these – and other – signage products. We work with you to discover the products that will perfectly display your marketing and branding messages. In addition, we ensure that we stay within your budget. After preparing sketches that offer you a glimpse of the finished product before we even get started, you have the opportunity of seeing the signage through the eyes of your customers.

When you are satisfied that we have succeeded in capturing your vision, we begin the permitting process. Our technicians handle the preparation of the application package and follow through on the various steps. With the permit in hand, we begin the manufacturing process. Once the sign is finished, we contact you to make an appointment for the installation. Our technicians work with you to find a time that is ideal for your business and does not disrupt the flow of your foot traffic.

Contact us today to get started on your order.