Indoor Office Lobby Signage



Amazing signage throughout your business is an important component of your branding and communications goals. Interior signage helps your business look attractive and professional, reinforces your credibility, welcomes customers, and helps communicate relationship expectations. From lobby signs, to wayfiding signs, to wall murals and glass and window graphics, we can create the custom indoor sign environment your business needs.

There is more to your lobby sign than just the artful display of your name and logo in vibrant color – or muted metals. In fact, the wrong office sign can turn your reception area into a space with an odd look that puts off the client. In contrast, the right lobby sign has the power to transform your lobby area providing a positive and lasting first impression for both your team and clients alike.

Choosing Your Materials

To say that you have plenty of choices would be an understatement. Acrylic, aluminum, steel, metal laminates, PVC, foam and formed plastic are a few of the materials you can choose from. Then, there are the boutique-style materials like stone and wood, which are not usually chosen but are nevertheless the right alternative for certain businesses. Glass, too, is a material that is increasingly being requested by our clients.

Metal prints

When you prefer the look and feel of brushed metal, consider having your artwork printed on this type of surface. We recommend the use of black and white colors for truly eye-catching displays. If needed, we can add a touch of sepia tones to give it an old-world monochrome photography quality.

Getting the Order Filled Quickly

At The Sign Factory, we know that you want your signs quickly. We can usually fill your order in about 2-3 weeks, sometimes even faster. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we keep you informed at every step of the way about the progress. During the design phase, we collaborate with you to dial into how you want your brand to be interpreted and displayed to the world.

Our Sign Factory lobby sign experts proudly serve the business communities of the Charlotte Metro area, the Carolinas and across North America.

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