Wall Graphics Murals

If you had the opportunity to change the look and feel of your store or office virtually overnight, would you do it? If you could heighten the ambiance at your restaurant, spa or other service business without having to buy expensive wall art and decorative items, would you want to find out more?

Our graphic artists routinely work with all types of companies to do just that – with the help of vinyl wall murals or graphics.

Whether you are selling a hot property or are managing an office building with multiple vacancies, you need appropriate real estate signs. The same is true for the owners of a recently finished construction project and even for the architect who was commissioned to build the mall, housing development or mixed-zone structure to begin with.

What are the must-have real estate markers that effectively start a dialog with the consumer in search of a place to rent, lease or buy?

Wall Graphics and Murals

The Anatomy of Wall Graphics and Murals

The makeup of this product is truly unique. The vinyl installs on any wall surface. It does not matter if you have bricks, stucco or smooth wallpaper on your walls. The material is so durable that it can withstand curious touches, occasional spills, and similar accidents. Wiping down the vinyl restores its good looks. Our treatment of the product ensures that the colors remain vibrant for years to come. You choose whatever graphics you desire to display.

Wall Treatment Options

What can you do with this technology?

  • Color change. In some cases, our business clients commission textured wall murals that alter the color of an office from the standard white to anything else they desire. Black walls with subliminal paisley designs, red walls with integrated highlights, or whatever other matte, satin or glossy color you envision is an option.
  • Atmosphere creation. If you own an Italian restaurant, it will make sense to display wall images that underscore the menu options. Consider the installation of whole wall murals that depict Italian vineyards, the interior of an authentic Naples pizza kitchen or collections of typical ingredients found in authentic dishes.
  • Marketing. Some clients like to treat one wall with a mural and the others with graphics. You frequently see this in sporting goods stores, shoe stores and similar venues. One wall is dedicated to the display of a particular product. The others feature graphics presenting logos of manufacturers and similar marketing messages.
  • Team building. Within an office setting, the combination of vinyl lettering that spells out a mission statement and graphics that underscore teamwork can make a huge difference in worker morale.
  • Signage. Instead of lobby signs, some companies have now begun using wall graphics to display their names and logos in the reception area.
Wall Treatment Options
Wall Treatment Options

Areas We Serve

When you are ready to explore the diverse functions of wall graphics and murals further, contact the pros at The Sign Factory. Locally, we proudly serve the business communities in and around Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, SouthPark, Pineville, Steele Creek, Huntersville, University, Mint Hill, Indian Land and Indian Trail, NC. We also service nationwide!

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