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Eye-catching signage outside your business is a critical part of your branding strategy. The Sign Factory offers a variety of exterior sign types and materials to create that special brand experience you want for your customers. Establish your company as professional and trustworthy by installing branded signage including channel letters, panel signs, monument signs, glass and window graphics and more.

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Channel letter, dimensional letter and cabinet sign production usually takes three to six weeks depending upon the number of signs, size and complexity. Once your channel letter, dimensional letter and cabinet signs are complete, we install them soonest with an expert installation team.

Though your signs were tested in the manufacturing facility, we’ll
field test* them as well to make sure everything functions properly. Give us a call for a free comprehensive estimate on your new channel letters, dimensional letters or cabinet! While we are located in Charlotte, North Carolina, we can provide these and most other signs nationwide.


*In addition to the sign permit, many municipalities require an Electrical Sign Permit for illuminated signs which can piggy-back on our permit so your electrician may make the final electrical connection and request field inspection.

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Customized monument signs are excellent for marketing as well as for safety. By identifying your property’s parking lot entrance well before motorists reach the destination, drivers have ample time to change lanes and safely enter your venue. In contrast, a company that does not have one of these markers can be more difficult to locate for a driver. If a motorist passes the location and does not feel like making a U-turn, you may lose the sale – and quite possibly a repeat customer.


Who Benefits from the Installation of Monument Signs?

It does not matter if you are a famous restaurant or a new clothing boutique, a monument sign can make a huge difference in the number of customers who come in. Corporations, housing developments, schools and faith communities also benefit from having this type of signage on their properties.

Bold, eye-catching signage communicates your commitment to your business, brand and success your customers can relate to and even expect. After all, successful customers relate better to successful businesses they do business with.


What are the Material and Design Choices?

There are many materials, types and styles of monument signs. Concrete, brick, metal, stucco, faux wood, HDU foam signs and more are all great materials. They may not all work for your brand message and what/how you want to communicate to your customers.

The Sign Factory can help determine the best materials, design, placement and budget to make choosing the right monument sign for your business, office park, neighborhood, place of worship or building an easy experience.

Concrete and stucco signs

are ideal options for the company that has been in business for numerous decades and anticipates continuing on in this manner – at the same location – for another few decades or longer. Concrete is sturdy and withstands all types of weather conditions. If your budget does not allow for concrete, consider the availability of foam.

While foam sounds like something that is flimsy and falls apart quickly, do not let the name fool you! In fact, exterior-rated foam is so durable that it may outlast your stay at your current location. We routinely manufacture foam to look like stucco, real lumber, bricks and any other type of exterior that is typically too cost-prohibitive. Unlike wood, foam does not fall victim to insect damage and does not dry rot.

We can use metal or acrylic for the individual lettering. If you would like to add some depth to the display, we can use a router or sandblast the surfaces until they take on your desired look. This is a great option for businesses that want monument markers with a lot of texture and depth. Contour-cut paneling beautifies any type of surface. We also recommend that you give a bit of thought to lighting the marker. Options include lightbox cabinets that become part of the sign, lit channel letters or the clever positioning of LEDs around for nighttime illumination.

Are You Ready to Get Started on Your Order?

The Sign Factory serves the business communities in the Charlotte metro area as well as those anywhere in the Carolinas and Nationwide. Our friendly folks are ready to discuss your signage needs and take your order. If you do not have any artwork on file and are overall not sure how the monument sign should look at your location, do not worry! We’ll gladly sit down with you and come up with ideas you can then choose from.

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Stand out from your competition with custom signage for your business, corporate and professional offices, college campus, church or industrial complex. We’ll create the perfect signage solution for your branding efforts, installation location, and specifications to ensure you get the best sign for your needs. Our design experts and project managers will skillfully use your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts to create your custom sign that best reflects your brand.

You already know that The Sign Factory is your go – to professional signage maker for architectural and panel signs. But did you also know that we specialize in post and panel markers that are now getting to be quite popular with members of the business community for a variety of uses?

Brand with Architectural Panel Signs!

Some professionals have found that in lieu of a traditional monument sign, panel markers are just as effective at helping motorists to find the entrance to their parking lots. For pedestrians, these alternative monument markers also fulfill way

finding functions but add a solid marketing and branding dimension. It does not stop there. Companies with sprawling business complexes use panel signs almost exclusively on their properties for way finding.This includes everything from parking lot directions to assistance with finding the loading dock, the customer service center or the business office. Big box warehouse stores and building managers of hospitals know that there are a lot of functions being performed on their properties and only proper directions can make navigating the space easy.

But panel signs do not all look the same. Instead, they can be customized to be as unique as the company that puts them up.



Decorative caps – The post caps add a whimsical nature to your signage. If this is a part of your branding, then these caps will fit right in. There are also the no-nonsense caps that nevertheless look great on the tops of your posts – even if you are not going for a fanciful appearance.

Decorative posts

Sure, we carry the standard posts. But we also carry posts that are decorative in makeup. Whether you want thin posts or prefer artistically worked thicker ones, we can help.

Decorative caps

It is possible to add lighting to these signs. This makes them great wayfinding tools after dark.


You have the option of commissioning a sign that has room for riders. This is particularly useful if you want to use your sign to display the names of professionals who are working in the business. Some of our customers have found that these riders are excellent during the holiday season to advertise extended hours.

When you talk to our expert professionals, we gladly discuss the choice of colors, artwork and the addition of word bars and other optional design elements. The Sign Factory proudly serves the Charlotte Metro area as well as the business communities located anywhere in the Carolinas and even Nationwide.

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No matter what industry you’re in, you need custom business signs that advertise your company, direct customers, and reinforce your brand. If your business needs exterior or interior signs, lobby signs, wayfinding signs, or ADA signs, we can create the customized signage solutions you need. We’ll carefully match your branding efforts and specifications to help strengthen your business’s credibility and keep your brand top-of-mind within your industry.

Whether you are selling a hot property or are managing an office building with multiple vacancies, you need appropriate real estate signs. The same is true for the owners of a recently finished construction project and even for the architect who was commissioned to build the mall, housing development or mixed-zone structure to begin with.

What are the must-have real estate markers that effectively start a dialog with the consumer in search of a place to rent, lease or buy?


Metal prints

When you prefer the look and feel of brushed metal, consider having your artwork printed on this type of surface. We recommend the use of black and white colors for truly eye-catching displays. If needed, we can add a touch of sepia tones to give it an old-world monochrome photography quality.


Canvas prints

Canvas material elevates any image to a museum-quality showpiece. We have created collages from company owners’ photos. When you prefer digital prints of famous artwork, location shots or simply modern artistic expressions, the use of canvas is ideal. This type of artwork may be framed or left bare since the image stretches around the entirety of the surface. Install this in a boardroom, the CEO’s office or your lobby.


For Sale Signs

As a realtor, you need to have these markers handy. Choose aluminum signs with metal frames as well as portable sign posts with hanging markers. Remember also the corresponding helpful signs such as those that read “open house” as well as any directional markers that point the way. All of these real estate signs brand with your name, logo and affiliation in the backdrop.

Leasing Markers

A temporary leasing company sign is usually a post and panel setup. It identifies the name of the leasing company as well as the name of the individual in charge of this property. Place them at the corners of the property for best exposure. Banners come in handy when you have reduced the number of vacancies to only a few. The post and panel marker may no longer be necessary, and instead the banners alert passersby that there is still space available.

By the way, you may also consider combining your real estate signage with additional informative markers. Some professionals have found it very helpful to install portable changeable reader boards to give up to date information on available units, square footage and prices. Talk to the friendly professionals at The Sign Factory for more information. We proudly serve the communities in and around Charlotte as well as the Carolinas. And yes, if you need real estate signage anywhere in the U.S, it’s easy to get a free quote!

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Enhance your branding and stand out from your competition
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