Stand out from your competition with custom signage for your business, corporate and professional offices, college campus, church or industrial complex. We’ll create the perfect signage solution for your branding efforts, installation location, and specifications to ensure you get the best sign for your needs. Our design experts and project managers will skillfully use your brand’s colors, logos, and fonts to create your custom sign that best reflects your brand.

You already know that The Sign Factory is your go – to professional signage maker for architectural and panel signs. But did you also know that we specialise in post and panel markers that are now getting to be quite popular with members of the business community for a variety of uses?

Brand Panel Signs

Brand with Architectural Panel Signs!

Some professionals have found that in lieu of a traditional monument sign, panel markers are just as effective at helping motorists to find the entrance to their parking lots. For pedestrians, these alternative monument markers also fulfill way

finding functions but add a solid marketing and branding dimension. It does not stop there. Companies with sprawling business complexes use panel signs almost exclusively on their properties for way finding.This includes everything from parking lot directions to assistance with finding the loading dock, the customer service center or the business office. Big box warehouse stores and building managers of hospitals know that there are a lot of functions being performed on their properties and only proper directions can make navigating the space easy.

But panel signs do not all look the same. Instead, they can be customized to be as unique as the company that puts them up.

Feather Flags

These are temporary markers that you stick into the ground when you (the leasing agent or realtor) are present and ready to show the first models. In the case of a housing development, crews usually complete one condominium, townhouse or house to serve as a model for the other structures. When the flags read “now open,” “accepting applications” and “for sale,” you begin to generate interest among qualified buyers.

Decorative Posts


You have the option of commissioning a sign that has room for riders. This is particularly useful if you want to use your sign to display the names of professionals who are working in the business. Some of our customers have found that these riders are excellent during the holiday season to advertise extended hours.

When you talk to our expert professionals, we gladly discuss the choice of colors, artwork and the addition of word bars and other optional design elements. The Sign Factory proudly serves the Charlotte Metro area as well as the business communities located anywhere in the Carolinas and even Nationwide.