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Amazing signage throughout your business is an important component of your branding and communications goals. Interior signage helps your business look attractive and professional, reinforces your credibility, welcomes customers, and helps communicate relationship expectations. From lobby signs, to wayfinding signs, to wall murals and glass and window graphics, we can create the custom indoor sign environment your business needs.

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There is more to your lobby sign than just the artful display of your name and logo in vibrant color – or muted metals. In fact, the wrong office sign can turn your reception area into a space with an odd look that puts off the client. In contrast, the right lobby sign has the power to transform your lobby area providing a positive and lasting first impression for both your team and clients alike.

Choosing Your Materials

To say that you have plenty of choices would be an understatement. Acrylic, aluminum, steel, metal laminates, PVC, foam and formed plastic are a few of the materials you can choose from. Then, there are the boutique-style materials like stone and wood, which are not usually chosen but are nevertheless the right alternative for certain businesses. Glass, too, is a material that is increasingly being requested by our clients.

Deciding on a Look

We work closely with you to create the right look that not only supports name recognition but also assists with branding your company. Sometimes, this requires us to mix materials for the best look or mix thicknesses of some components to create the balance and feel you are trying to capture. Examples include wood and metal, glass and acrylic, or acrylic and stone. At other times, it is the display look that helps a business to stand out.


For example, dimensional letters that seem to float away from the wall create a head-turning effect. The same is true for three-dimensional displays. When we place two-inch-deep letters on a wall and illuminate them with strategically placed spotlights, the resulting focal wall can be stunning. Some of our clients have hired interior decorators while also commissioning their customized office signs. We gladly work closely with these professionals to adapt your lobby sign’s look to match your revamped reception area’s appearance.

Getting the Order Filled Quickly

At The Sign Factory, we know that you want your signs quickly. We can usually fill your order in about 2-3 weeks, sometimes even faster. From the initial consultation to the final installation, we keep you informed at every step of the way about the progress. During the design phase, we collaborate with you to dial into how you want your brand to be interpreted and displayed to the world.

Our Sign Factory lobby sign experts proudly serve the business communities of the Charlotte Metro area, the Carolinas and across North America.
Enhance your branding and stand out from your competition
with a custom lobby sign.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the types of displays that certain signs have to feature. Adherence to these standards is not just a good idea; it is the law. Make a mistake here and your facility, office or store is not just unsafe for those consumers covered by the ADA, but it is also in violation of the law, which may result in heavy fines and even lawsuits. At The Sign Factory, we are well-versed with the ADA requirements.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the types of displays that certain signs have to feature. Adherence to these standards is not just a good idea; it is the law. Make a mistake here and your facility, office or store is not just unsafe for those consumers covered by the ADA, but it is also in violation of the law, which may result in heavy fines and even lawsuits. At The Sign Factory, we are well-versed with the ADA requirements.

Handicap parking signs

Made from durable aluminum, these markers show your commitment to ADA adherence. We use reflective lettering, which makes the symbol and writing on the sign easily visible during daylight and nighttime hours. Other makers that fall into this category are signs identifying van-accessible venues.


Safety markers

Frequently on the outside, these signs signal oncoming traffic and highlight the areas where pedestrians may cross safely. We ensure that these markers meet ADA standards, which helps to keep consumers safe while on your property’s parking lot.

Interior signs

The ADA specifies that certain interior signs must feature Grade II Braille. Do you know which markers are exempt? We do. For those that are mandated to feature this addition, they also must display sans serif characters of a specified height that are set against a contrasting color background. The finish of the markers must prevent glare from overhead or natural lights. Last, but not least, there are regulations that spell out the mounting heights of these signs.


It is interesting to note that many facility managers believe ADA signs/Wayfinding Signage to be boring and devoid of branding. This is not true! In fact, we customize your compliant signage to fit into your office sign setups. We use top-notch materials that make the markers attractive and actually enrich the visual aesthetics of your office environment.


A key element of our service is not just the design and manufacture of attractive signs but also the professional installation that ensures full compliance with the law. We know the right mounting locations as well as heights that are set forth by the Act. Our installers ensure that all applicable signs are properly affixed to your walls to make the signage in your office or storefront look harmonious. Serving the entire Charlotte Metro area and business communities throughout the Carolinas, you can see our handiwork in numerous venues. Call our friendly ADA signage/Wayfinding Signage experts today for more information on the process.

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Window Graphics

Window graphics support wayfinding functions as well as the formation of a successful brand image. At the same time, this product gives a face-lift to any storefront business. Beautifying the look of the façade, you have the option to add splashes of color where there are none or present with a monochromatic black or white appearance when standing out with colors would be counterproductive.


Businesses that Favor the Use of Window Graphics

Retailers are well known for using graphics of all types. Ideal for the display of manufacturer logos, product images, and seasonal advertising messages, graphics also provide information to customers such as opening and closing times. Service providers, too, employ the signage to appeal to prospective clients with attractive offers and informative displays. In the restaurant business, graphics brand venues and advertise specials. Other niche companies utilize vinyl window signage to drive name recognition and heighten brand awareness.

Which Graphics Products are Right for Your Business?


Window lettering

Die-cut and available in a broad range of fonts and colors, lettering spells out your business’ name and niche information. Show off contact information, invite interaction on social media and help customers identify you as the right choice for their needs.


Vinyl graphics

Colorful stripes that serve as backdrops for niche-specific company information are just some examples of uses that dentists and cell phone providers find for these graphics. Let us recreate digital images displaying your dishes if you run an eatery that has a signature meal everyone comes to enjoy. Graphics also include seasonal images, your logo, mascots and manufacturer logos for companies that specialize in the sale of brand sports or automotive equipment.


Full vinyl window cling

Also known as window wraps, these products transform your glass panes into functional advertising panels that now display your marketing messages like a billboard. There is no limit to your creativity. Opt for metallic or reflective images. Pick a translucent or opaque design, depending on your need for a functional window. Our experts routinely create these types of products for a broad range of retailers and service providers.

The Sign Factory professionals serve the business communities in and around Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Pineville, Steele Creek, Mint Hill, and Indian Trail. Contact us today to get started on your project.

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Office Prints & Wall Graphics

Office prints are more than just works of art. They become part of your interior décor and an element of your branding message. Together with your lobby signage, any wall murals you display and similar products, they assist you in communicating to your client or customer what your approach to doing business is.

What Are Your Options?

Acrylic prints. It is a common misconception that each print must be on vinyl or similar substrate. Printing directly on an acrylic panel (direct print to surface), on a clear acrylic panel and installing it with standoffs is a fantastic way of making a statement about your company. This option is ideal for industry-specific prints, images of locations where your business has expanded to and diagrams depicting product details.

Metal prints

When you prefer the look and feel of brushed metal, consider having your artwork printed on this type of surface. We recommend the use of black and white colors for truly eye-catching displays. If needed, we can add a touch of sepia tones to give it an old-world monochrome photography quality.

Canvas prints

Canvas material elevates any image to a museum-quality showpiece. We have created collages from company owners’ photos. When you prefer digital prints of famous artwork, location shots or simply modern artistic expressions, the use of canvas is ideal. This type of artwork may be framed or left bare since the image stretches around the entirety of the surface. Install this in a boardroom, the CEO’s office or your lobby.


Who Orders High-resolution Office Prints?

You can find prints that depict a broad range of subjects, products and artwork offerings in virtually all types of offices. From the law firm over the physician’s office to the conference room of a CPA or investment company, this product does not go out of style. Our experts are well versed in creating print presentations for long hallways, conference rooms, lobbies and patient exam rooms. We also specialize in the creation of event-specific office prints to embolden your locations atmosphere that underscores the tenor of the event.

We proudly serve the business communities in and around Charlotte, the Carolinas and Nationwide.


Paper prints

Of course, we also print directly on high-quality paper. Framed and installed with offsets, this product is what you now commonly associate with the motivational posters you see in break rooms and training venues.


If you had the opportunity to change the look and feel of your store or office virtually overnight, would you do it? If you could heighten the ambiance at your restaurant, spa or other service business without having to buy expensive wall art and decorative items, would you want to find out more?

Our graphic artists routinely work with all types of companies to do just that – with the help of vinyl wall murals or graphics.

The Anatomy of Wall Graphics and Murals

The makeup of this product is truly unique. The vinyl installs on any wall surface. It does not matter if you have bricks, stucco or smooth wallpaper on your walls. The material is so durable that it can withstand curious touches, occasional spills, and similar accidents. Wiping down the vinyl restores its good looks. Our treatment of the product ensures that the colors remain vibrant for years to come. You choose whatever graphics you desire to display.

Wall Treatment Options

What can you do with this technology?

  • Color change. In some cases, our business clients commission textured wall murals that alter the color of an office from the standard white to anything else they desire. Black walls with subliminal paisley designs, red walls with integrated highlights, or whatever other matte, satin or glossy color you envision is an option.
  • Atmosphere creation. If you own an Italian restaurant, it will make sense to display wall images that underscore the menu options. Consider the installation of whole wall murals that depict Italian vineyards, the interior of an authentic Naples pizza kitchen or collections of typical ingredients found in authentic dishes.
  • Marketing. Some clients like to treat one wall with a mural and the others with graphics. You frequently see this in sporting goods stores, shoe stores and similar venues. One wall is dedicated to the display of a particular product. The others feature graphics presenting logos of manufacturers and similar marketing messages.
  • Team building. Within an office setting, the combination of vinyl lettering that spells out a mission statement and graphics that underscore teamwork can make a huge difference in worker morale.
  • Signage. Instead of lobby signs, some companies have now begun using wall graphics to display their names and logos in the reception area.

Areas We Serve

When you are ready to explore the diverse functions of wall graphics and murals further, contact the pros at The Sign Factory. Locally, we proudly serve the business communities in and around Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Ballantyne, SouthPark, Pineville, Steele Creek, Huntersville, University, Mint Hill, Indian Land and Indian Trail, NC. We also service nationwide!

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Enhance your branding and stand out from your competition
with a custom high resolution office prints sign.