ADA Way Finding Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the types of displays that certain signs have to feature. Adherence to these standards is not just a good idea; it is the law. Make a mistake here and your facility, office or store is not just unsafe for those consumers covered by the ADA, but it is also in violation of the law, which may result in heavy fines and even lawsuits. At The Sign Factory, we are well-versed with the ADA requirements.


Handicap parking signs

Made from durable aluminum, these markers show your commitment to ADA adherence. We use reflective lettering, which makes the symbol and writing on the sign easily visible during daylight and nighttime hours. Other makers that fall into this category are signs identifying van-accessible venues.


Safety markers

Frequently on the outside, these signs signal oncoming traffic and highlight the areas where pedestrians may cross safely. We ensure that these markers meet ADA standards, which helps to keep consumers safe while on your property’s parking lot.

Interior signs

The ADA specifies that certain interior signs must feature Grade II Braille. Do you know which markers are exempt? We do. For those that are mandated to feature this addition, they also must display sans serif characters of a specified height that are set against a contrasting color background. The finish of the markers must prevent glare from overhead or natural lights. Last, but not least, there are regulations that spell out the mounting heights of these signs.

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It is interesting to note that many facility managers believe ADA signs/Wayfinding Signage to be boring and devoid of branding. This is not true! In fact, we customize your compliant signage to fit into your office sign setups. We use top-notch materials that make the markers attractive and actually enrich the visual aesthetics of your office environment.

A key element of our service is not just the design and manufacture of attractive signs but also the professional installation that ensures full compliance with the law. We know the right mounting locations as well as heights that are set forth by the Act. Our installers ensure that all applicable signs are properly affixed to your walls to make the signage in your office or storefront look harmonious. Serving the entire Charlotte Metro area and business communities throughout the Carolinas, you can see our handiwork in numerous venues. Call our friendly ADA signage/Wayfinding Signage experts today for more information on the process.