3 Real Estate Signs to Help You Sell Listings Fast!

Real estate professionals know that getting eyeballs to notice their signs can make the difference between a property that receives an offer and a listing that does not go into escrow. Whether you are focused on buying or selling, you cannot afford to let your signage blend in with the markers other professionals use. The experts at the Sign Factory have discussed the question of signs with our most successful real estate clients. Here are the products that they say you simply cannot be without.

1. Car Magnets

Your likeness becomes one of your main selling points. One of the local neighborhoods features a real estate professional who has firmly established himself as the go-to expert for anyone looking to sell a home. His key to success, in addition to an excellent record of accomplishment, is the use of his likeness in his marketing approach. The face smiles at you from each “For Sale” sign.

Yet it does not stop there. He also regularly blankets the area with giveaway notepads that always come in handy. (They, too, show off his likeness.) When he drives through the neighborhood in his vehicle with a car magnet that also features the picture, homeowners who are thinking of selling sometimes even flag him down. In short, he has become a household name. Of all the real estate signs Charlotte, NC, professionals commission, this one has helped him to succeed the most.

2. Post and Panel Yard Signs

When everyone else uses the standard wooden stake with the shingle, stand ours with post and panel yard signs. We fashion these markers from sturdy aluminum. The advantage here is the ability to make the signage as colorful as you like. If you want to co-brand the office that you are working out of, go ahead. The other post and panel advantage is the option of adding additional signage bars that highlight certain features the property possesses.

Rather than simply advertising that a property is for sale, offer information about square footage, add-ons, a pool and similar selling points that make the listing stand out among the other properties in the area. If you really want to go for the gusto, opt for a lit post and panel setup. This option lets you market the property after dark when passersby or motorists do not easily see most other signs. In a business where high visibility is king, selecting this option lets you stand out.

3. Open House Signs



Standard “Open House” signs are little more than yard signs – frequently a red background with white print and an arrow – that you stick into the ground. We recommend a sign that uses A-frame technology for heightened visibility and durability. In addition, these markers are slightly larger, which of course gives you added space to outline the hours of the open house as well as the amenities that you want visitors to be aware of.

When you are ready to revamp the real estate signs Charlotte, NC, consumers see on your listings, call our professionals today. We look forward to working with you on adding or redoing your signage presence in the area.