3 Reasons a Charlotte Business Can Benefit from Illuminated Channel Letters

Finding the right advertising solutions for your Charlotte business is vital to bringing in the revenue you need to keep your doors open and to pay for your families needs, as well as to enjoy family vacations and some of the fine enjoyments of life. One of the most important steps to take to get your business noticed is to install channel letters.

Illuminated channel letters are one of the most efficient means to make your Charlotte storefront memorable by both regular customers and anyone just passing by. Besides, they are also promotional features to put you on top of the competition. They are custom designed specifically for your business and the services you offer. They make your clients aware of the services you offer even before they walk into your business premise.

Here are some of the benefits that come with the acquisition of this passive, yet potent way of advertising;

Convenient and affordable way to advertise your store

These letters have the potential to attract masses of consumers who are simply passing by running errands, visiting neighboring businesses or traveling to and from work. They raise curiosity among customers thus inspiring them to come in and, perhaps, make purchases or inquiries about your products and services. Their repeated impression is what makes channel letters the ideal advertising avenue for your business as compared to radio, newspapers and TV commercials. Your sales have a great potential to increase, as well as your profit margin.

The initial cost is affordable for your investment lasting for years to come. They are very low maintenance and once you have them in place, you rarely have to worry about additional costs.

Give aesthetic appeal to your brand

Illuminated letter signs do more than just communicate your company’s intended message. They are a beautiful expression of your business. This is because they are designed to exude friendliness and extend the generous invitation to your customers.

This beauty aspect is communicated through the choice of colors, fonts, the direction of the light and the type of illumination you use. Just have the right combination and your business will get noticed and will be remembered.

Energy efficiency

With channel letters, you have the option of LED lighting, which consumes little energy when compared to neon and fluorescent lighting. This low energy usage is brought about by the use of very low voltage transformers that have a longer lifespan.

By installing illuminated channel letters, your energy bills will be more pleasant to open and look at. In addition, the energy efficiency is accompanied by eco-friendliness of LED signs. These signs contain no mercury nor lead which are known to be the most notorious air pollutants.

It is important to hire an experienced channel letter designer and installer when looking to make an impression on the Charlotte community. The Sign Factory specializes in channel letters and works with you so that you are satisfied and proud to display this signage on your storefront. Give us a call at 704-321-0040.