3 Reasons to Vinyl Wrap Your Delivery Van in Charlotte NC

Do you run a business that delivers goods, sends technicians or otherwise interacts with the customer in the home or at the consumer’s business? If this is the case, there are three reasons why you cannot afford to show up in a nondescript vehicle.

  • Brand identity.
  • Turn a bland vehicle into a moving billboard.
  • Name recognition.

1. Understanding Brand Identity

There is more to brand identity than merely hanging out your shingle and advertising your company as the one that really values is customers and provides great service. Everyone who is in business does this. Rather, your company’s individualized brand identity refers to the way that you want your customers to perceive your business.

Since you cannot do this via lengthy mottos and commentary, you can only work with shapes, designs, symbols and colors. This is one of the reasons why companies spend a lot of time and money creating their logos; they are a huge part of the brand identity. When you drive a vehicle to a customer’s home or business, use the automobile to create and reinforce your brand’s identity.

2. Never Underestimate the Importance of the Movable Billboard

When you pay for a billboard display near the highway, your message only gets out to those who drive past the ad. If the road gets closed, nobody sees your marketing message. The same is not true for a movable billboard. When you invest in delivery van vinyl wraps for Charlotte, NC, streets, you take your message to the consumer.

If you are a landscaper, take your message to the parking lot of the big box home improvement store where frustrated do-it-yourselfers will gladly jot down your contact information. If you run a daycare center or party planning business, take your delivery van to a street fair or neighborhood block party, where plenty of consumers will see the information.

In short, your mobile marketing message is not bound by the same restrictions as the one of your printed ad. Rather than waiting for the consumer to walk past the billboard, you take the ad message to the shopper. This is particularly important when you concertedly target a neighborhood with print ads as well as personal introductions to your services.

3. Support Name Recognition

Catchy jingles help patrons to remember your phone number or website address. Vinyl wraps do the same for name recognition. When your delivery vans suddenly show up with hunter green backdrops and pumpkin orange typeface to advertise a floor cleaning service, the color combination and whatever decals and graphics you choose will soon become engrained in the consumer’s mind. This is the face of your company. Its name goes hand in hand with the hunter green and orange color combination.

Studies have already proven that one wrapped vehicle alone generates between 30,000 and 70,000 impressions per day. Imagine how many people will be exposed to your company’s name just by your going about your business as usual! Even more, telling is the revelation that 91 percent of those who saw a wrapped vehicle actually took note of the graphics.

Customers are paying attention! Are you making it worth their while? Contact us for a free quote today!