3 Types of Unusual Signage to Promote Your Brand in Charlotte NC

Advancing brand awareness is not as easy as it sounds. Plenty of competitors around you do the same thing. To stand out with aplomb, you sometimes need to think outside the proverbial box. For example, did you know that there is unusual signage to promote your brand in Charlotte, NC?

Illuminated Signs in Your Lobby Impress

Mind you, this is not necessarily your main lobby sign – although opting for an illuminated version is not a bad idea. Instead, this supportive signage solution doubles as wall art. Options are plentiful. Some clients have commissioned scaled down versions of channel letters. Others opt for customized lightbox cabinets that feature fronts with their brand messages emblazoned on them. When lit from behind, these cabinets give off ambient lighting and present the message in unique ways. Because the look is unusual and works great as an artistic display, visitors to the office cannot help but take in the information.

Etched Vinyl Window Graphics Create Branding Opportunities Where There Are None

Your typical office is now a fishbowl. Glass partitions replace walls. The open floor plan and co-working revolutions have done away with the wall space you could have otherwise used for the presentation of lighted lobby signs and custom office prints. But window graphics are quickly picking up the slack. They offer advertising and branding display opportunities.

  • Etched vinyl. We cut out your company’s name from the frosted plastic panels you ask us to install as privacy film. The material still fulfills its function but now also displays your corporate name and logo.
  • Custom-cut frosted vinyl letters. In this scenario, we create messages with frosted vinyl. By putting lettering close enough together, we spell out your message and provide some privacy at the same time. Since you control the sizing of the letters, we can make this setup as large or small as your space requires.
  • Color print privacy film. A third option is the use of standard frosted vinyl, which we then imprint with your corporate name and logo. Doing so adds the advantage of not cutting out any privacy. Instead, we add an attractive print image to the setup. (By the way, since privacy film comes in a variety of colors, you have plenty of options here when it comes to working in your corporate color palette.)

Vehicle Wraps Take Your Brand on the Road

The signage solutions we just mentioned are stationary. When you want unusual signage to promote your brand in Charlotte, NC, while on the go, a full or partial vehicle wrap is the ideal solution. This product is fully customizable, allows for a brand combination of colors, words, and online engagement appeals, and lets you determine when and where to present it. If you have a fleet of vehicles, we can treat each one to feature the same message, which greatly enhances the reach of your brand. Another way of capitalizing on the number of vehicles is to present a slightly different display setup for each vehicle, which helps to attract attention even more.

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