4 Creative Ways to Get More Eyes on your Charlotte Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps have seen a transformation over the years and the graphics are now more than just a slap of a phone number on the side of the car. With a little incorporation of perspective trickery, your vehicle graphics can do a lot for you when it comes to grabbing the attention of passerby’s. You may thus turn your simple business idea into a huge advertising opportunity.

Since the main idea of these wraps is to get more eyes on your vehicle, a little creativity on your part can accomplish this on a large scale. A masterful blend of artistic design and even high resolution photography will not only attract people to your vehicle graphic, but will leave them wondering how you achieved your impression and what your business is all about. With a vehicle wrap, the design options are limitless. If you can imagine it, the design can be made into an amazing mobile advertisement!

Obviously, investing in vehicle wraps is a wise decision. Going this extra mile (literally and figuratively) will help you to market your brand. The key is to make sure that people are going to actually see your new wrap! If you are traveling in remote areas where there are not many people around, you are not going to get the visibility that you desire. However, driving and parking your wrapped car or truck in busy areas, you will. We wanted to offer you some tips on how to get more eyes on your business wrap:

Here are 4 creative ways you can get more people to look at your vehicle graphics:

  • Use Contrasting Colors – It has been assumed that simply using colorful images or lettering will naturally attract viewers to your car. While this assumption is true to a point, there is also a trick in the choice of colors if you want to be noticed more. The use of contrasting colors works like magic in capturing eyes. The Sign Factory designers can certainly help you with that.
  • Attend Parades – if you have ever attended a parade, you definitely have witnessed organizations showcasing their brands in different ways and styles. If you attend such parades with your vinyl installed car graphic, you can easily find a huge audience. Use this opportunity to generate more interest in your business through eye-catching vehicle graphics on your car. The possibilities of creating parade memories are endless.
  • Attend a local event – Community events are full of people and attending one will help you get in close contact with these crowds of people. Many businesses use local events to promote their brands and services offered because it can certainly bring more exposure to their services and products. If you attend a local event with your wraps vehicle, you will get that huge crowd of audience you are always looking for.
  • Use social media in a smart and fun way – When attending busy events and parades, post that you are going to be there. Encourage people to post pictures of your vehicle wraps and even offer a prize for the best photo taken. Take pictures of your crew around your wrap and post them. Start a “where’s my wrap?” contest and offer prizes to people who participate. This will get a little buzz going and can get people involved in your brand.

This trick can earn you more viewers on your investment. The more viewers, the better chance you have more customers or clients. This will increase your ROI, which is always welcomed!

If you own a Charlotte business and are looking for a creative wrap for your vehicles, we are here at your service! Give us a call at 704-321-0040 today to get started!