4 Professional Building Letter Options for Charlotte Office and Business Parks

Property managers of Charlotte’s growing community of office and business parks all have one common goal: to maintain a professional appearance for their tenants and visitors alike. From the well-manicured landscaping to the well-lit walkways and parking areas, there is quality and detail at every level. The outdoor building letter signs for these business campuses is no exception.

Each building in an office park or campus is usually identified in one of three ways. Either by number, such as 101, 102, etc. Or the name of the building, or the business name itself. No matter the identification, building letters need to be able to be read from long distances, need to stand up to the elements, and need to match the architectural makeup of the business complex.

Here are four professional building letter options for Charlotte area property and facilities managers:

Foam Letters

Economical and highly durable, foam letters are a very popular choice for building numbers and letters. They are available in thicknesses up to 4″ in depth, which is great for large letters that need to be seen from large distances.

These foam building letters can be custom painted to match company branding guidelines and routed into custom shapes and sizes. The foam is available in weights of 2lb to 15lbs. You’ll want a lighter weight for short-term use (3-5 years), and heavier weight foam for longer term usage.

Formed Plastic Letters

Pre-formed plastic letters are a very cost-effective solution when on a strict budget. They are available in numerous typefaces, so there is a good chance they will match your company’s logo font.

The plastic letters are available in over forty color options, in both gloss and matte finishes, and can be custom painted as well.

In terms of size and depth, plastic building letters are available in sizes up to 48″ in height and 2″ in depth.

The nicest benefit of pre-formed plastic building letters is that they carry a lifetime guarantee.

Metal Letters

For a high-end professional, long-lasting look, metal letters are a great choice for outdoor building letters. Options include flat cut metal letters and cast metal letters.

Flat cut metal letters are available in aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, copper, or brass. Each metal type can be finished natural, anodized, or painted.

Unlike preformed plastic, flat metal shape and font options are limitless. They can be fabricated in sizes up to 60″ high and depending on the metal, up to 1″ in depth.

Cast metal letters offer greater dimension than flat cut metal letters. Their deeper dimension gives them a classic look that is often found in healthcare, university and college campuses.

They are available in 60 font styles, and in letter heights up to 24″ and 2″ in depth.

Illuminated Channel Letters

If your property has a need to internally illuminate the building letters for nighttime viewing, then illuminated channel letters are another fantastic option for maintaining a professional office park appearance.

Lit via modern LED lighting, the letters are a very cost-effective way to lower your energy costs while brightly illuminating your signage.

Channels letter signs are typically 5″ in depth and available in virtually any needed letter height. Popular lighting options are front lit and halo lit letters.

The channel letters can either be individually or raceway mounted. depending on your preference or budget.

What are the next steps?

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