4 Reasons to Buy Contractor Vehicle Graphics in Charlotte

Become competitive with contractor vehicle graphics in Charlotte, NC. There are 2,127 listings in the local Yellow Pages for general contractors, which does not take into account the variety of other professionals that specialize in a different niche but are still considered contracting professionals. Next, there are the large numbers of contractors from the fields of roofing, drywall installation, painting, landscaping and so forth. If this estimate does not convince you, we have four additional reasons to invest in graphics packages for your work vehicles today.

1. They are Cheaper than Other Ad Venues

Business insiders measure the effectiveness of an advertisement with units of 1,000 impressions. In the same way, they figure out the cost of an ad campaign. When you combine the two, it is easy to highlight which ad venues are useful and which are expensive but not very effective. Studies prove that a vehicle wraps and, by extension, contractor graphics packages, cost $0.35 for every 1,000 impressions. A TV ad, by comparison, costs $23.70 for the same number of impressions. The TV ad is over and gone when the spot ends; your graphics package continues to advertise for five to seven years.

2. Build Name Recognition with Eye-catching Methods

If you are among the growing number of new contractors who are setting up shop in and around Charlotte, you have an uphill battle to build name recognition. Some of your competitors have been in the business for decades. The installation of a graphics package has the potential to level the playing field somewhat. When you hit the road with a truck that spells out your company’s name and contact information, and perhaps even a memorable tagline, you quickly get folks to remember you.

3. Advertise 24/7, Rain or Shine, Even when Parked

As we said before, the TV spot is over as soon as the next spot comes on. A billboard advertisement may stay up for a couple of weeks or until you run out of money. Your vehicle is always on the street or in a lot. You control where you park it and how visible you want it to be. The graphics on the sides, back, hood and perhaps the roof of your truck display around the clock, on holidays, when it rains or when the sun beats down on Charlotte. Constant exposure of your advertisement is a highly effective method for getting the word out about your company and its products.

4. Build Brand Awareness with Contractor Vehicle Graphics in Charlotte, NC

What sets you apart from the other roofing contractors in your area? How does your approach to doing business differentiate you from other contractors? Do you have specific financing deals, customer service offers or warranty information that makes you stand out? Brand building is a snap with a graphics package that spells out these differences. Consumers begin to associate your business with these details, which then builds your brand. Combined with a catchy tagline or motto, you quickly become known around town as “the contractor, who …” Contact us today to get your graphics package design started.