4 Restaurant Signs to Brand Your Eatery!

Charlotte restaurant signs welcome guests, provide information about your products and services, assist with branding and underscore the overall atmosphere of your venue. There are four restaurant signs that are outstanding for the branding aspect of your eatery. Do you know what they are?

1. A-Frame Signs

Opt for a traditional chalk A-frame with the classic wooden frame or consider the setup of a plastic board with easy-to-insert printed posters. Since visibility is a crucial element in the overall branding of your eatery, this type of signage product delivers. Place it into the path of pedestrian traffic or angle it to appeal to motorists. Display highly visible menu item names, ingredient options or even show off photos of your most popular food items. There is a good chance that the A-frame will compel plenty of hungry guests to visit you.

2. Exterior Signs

Options for exterior signs include the façade signage, awning signs and window lettering as well as graphics. Let consumers know – with little more than a glance – what types of dishes they may expect. For example, a sign that reads “traditional Irish pub” raises certain expectations with respect to drinks and dishes. Conversely, when your window graphics identify you as a breakfast bistro, consumers are going to expect to find completely different kinds of meals. Pique your guests’ interests with the branding of your locale.

3. Menu Boards

Once the consumer steps inside your restaurant, menu boards offer the most important branding space. It is here that you show – in detail – what your dishes contain. For example, when you offer Mexican food, highlight the spices and sauces as well as their authenticity that you serve up. Appetizing photos of these dishes brand the food selections. Mount these boards to the walls or at least at eye-level for your guests. It makes it a lot easier for them to read the information and to make informed meal selections.

4. Wall Graphics

Wall graphics are the restaurant signs Charlotte venue owners favor for branding and the creation of a certain atmosphere inside the eatery. Choose from whole-wall photos of backdrops to larger-than-life depictions of wholesome ingredients or dishes. These graphics create the most dramatic change in the look of your venue. Close tonight with walls that feature an old paint job. Open up tomorrow morning with the backdrop of an authentic Italian pizzeria, French bistro or German bakery – all without paint fumes.

The Sign Factory experts specialize in the branding of businesses with the help of signage products. Talk to our professionals today for more information on these restaurant signage options as well as our other products that could be ideal for your company. We gladly visit you at your office, store or restaurant, take measurements and compare your signage to the products that your competition currently uses. We help you to stay in front of the trends and wow your customers with your updated look. In some cases, you may have already existing signage that needs a bit of an upgrade or a refurbishment. We can help you there, too.