4 Types of Lobby Signs in Indian Trail NC to Promote Your Business!

To claim that Indian Trail is growing at a rapid pace is an understatement. The influx of new residents and companies is quickly turning this location into a vibrant business community. If you are operating a service or any other type of firm that relies on a reception area marker for its central brand message, there are 4 types of lobby signs in Indian Trail, NC, that might spell success. What are your options?

Dimensional Letters Impress with a 3D Effect

Have you noticed that plenty of professionals now feature their reception area signage with a dimensional letter and separate logo presentation? These business people harness the visual power of a three-dimensional arrangement. It wows the visitor, brings depth to the display, and adds some texture to an area that may be in need of a little something to heighten its interest.

For example, dimensional acrylic letters, painted according to the corporate color palette, can be installed with standoffs. The size of these standoffs does not have to be dramatic. Just make it enough to give the appearance of a little shadow play right behind them. Next up, the logo features layered acrylic that presents a different tone. With the emblem on top of the backdrop also displaying in a 3D manner, you add not only visual appeal but also artistry to the mix.

Illuminated Lobby Signs are Where It Is At

If you want to be on the cutting edge of lobby signage in the area, you cannot go wrong with lit products. Scaled down channel letters and lightbox cabinets are among the most popular product solutions. Other options include painted acrylic logo boards with LEDs hidden behind them. As the light emanates from behind the marker, it bathes the board in a halo of illumination, which you can turn into another corporate color display opportunity. Remember, white LEDs are only one option; there are plenty of others, too.

Impress with a Wall Graphic Lobby Sign

When you combine dimensional letters with wall graphics, you get an opportunity to present your message in an extended form. Feature your company’s name, but add a mission statement and highlight some of the services you provide. In the process, you support other lobby signage that presents your company’s information in a standard form. That said, you can simply keep this marker as a stand-alone reception area sign.

Acrylic Panel Lobby Signs Look Chic

For a contemporary staging, the transparent acrylic panel does not disappoint. In fact, our clients have had excellent success with products featuring a frosted vinyl overlay for the back and printed lettering for the front. Other options include a vinyl overlay for the front as well as dimensional letters made of PVC, acrylic, or metal. We typically install this signage product with brushed aluminum standoffs because they are a contemporary favorite that fit into virtually any office setting.

For more information on these 4 types of lobby signs in Indian Trail, NC, or to learn more about the options we did not list here, contact our specialists today!