5 Common Car Wrap Mistakes We Can Help You Avoid

Have you ever driven behind a van with an atrocious car wrap? You know, that’s the one where the seams do not match, the colors are “off” and there are bubbles galore? Nobody wants this type of marketing nightmare as a representation of the business. At the Sign Factory, we are committed to helping you steer clear of these problems. In fact, there are five distinct car wrap mistakes we can help you avoid in Charlotte, NC, today!

1. Fancy Fonts Make Your Message Illegible

From close up, your fancy font message looks nothing short of smoking hot. It pops, it advertises and it helps you stand out from the crowd. In fact, passersby are so enamored with your wrap that they stop and occasionally even snap photos of your van! Unfortunately, this same fancy font makes your car a useless billboard to the ongoing traffic down the street. Motorists do not have the luxury to stop and take in the wrap. Unless you are using a legible font that is easy to decipher in a vehicle driving past you at about 50mph, you are missing the point.

2. The Wrap is Too Big for the Car

Your average passenger vehicle will never grow into a wrap that is designed for a pickup truck. A van wrap cannot do double duty for your pickup truck either. The lesson is clear: The template must fit the make and model to the letter. If it does not, you will end up with covered handles, ill-fitting seams and crooked lines.

3. Missing the Difference Between “Pop” and “OMG It’s Coming at Me”

Neon green can pop – or it can be garish. Over-the-top graphics can be fun – or they can be weird and actually detract from the message of the typography. In short, you need to get across your message and add just enough pizzazz to make the look stand out. This calls for a trained eye and professional restraint. By the way, a wrap design that is too busy also fails to get the message across. It pops alright; but then it fizzles.

4. Losing the Message

This is a mistake we frequently see with first-time do-it-yourself wrap designers and installers. Do not order a plug-and-play design and then hope it comes across well. Work with a professional who helps you to design your message first and then creates a wrap that amplifies and supports the tenor of the message. In this manner, you ensure that consumers always know what you are advertising and who the business is that does the marketing.

5. Bad Seams and Bubbles

Your wrap will have seams. There is no way around this reality. There is, however, a way to avoid an improper alignment of the graphics. It comes down to the design. An experienced graphic artist will customize the wrap design in such a way that it allows for seams at the easy-to-match places. Bubbles, too, can be avoided with little more than proper surface preparation and professional tool usage.

As you can tell, our knowledgeable experts are passionate about car wraps and graphics for Charlotte, NC, businesses. Give us a call to discuss your advertising needs with us. There is bound to be a wrap for that!