5 Trade Show Signs You Need to Ensure a Successful Event

What is the major opportunity for businesses – those that are new as well as those that have been well-established – to cultivate new leads and potentially find new open markets for products and services? The answer is simple: the trade show circuit. The Sign Factory frequently gets inquiries about the ideal setup for these events. “What are the best trade show displays for my next trade show in Charlotte,” customers will ask us. While some of it depends on your unique business approach and niche, there are 5 trade show displays you need in Charlotte – no matter what your company sells or does.


Horizontal and vertical banners are in. There is no doubt about it. Bring them to the show as retractable banners stand or hang them above your booth as a three-sided display. Invite show attendees from across the exhibition floor to your booth with little more than an alternating four-sided banner frame that is suspended above your spot. Flank your booth with these banners or use them as a clever backdrop. Five banner stands with alternating banners introduce your latest product and brand your company in the process.


A durable pop-up display is the best basic backdrop you might choose. Fiberglass or aluminum frames are the skeletons that hold up the stretch fabric. The fabric is customized to suit the needs of your business and displays as graphic panels for an impressive appearance.

Table Top Displays

Do you already have a customized throw? Great! Now is the time to add a tabletop display that further brands your company and markets your product or service. These displays can be highly functional and serve as display cases or three-dimensional tier setups – all depending on the product. For a more decorative look, turn these displays into brochure or business card holders. In fact, you might even combine the two.

Prizes and Giveaways

Whether you offer raffles, quizzes or games of chance at your booth, make sure that you have desirable prizes that folks can take home. Even if you do not want to do prize drawings, have some giveaway items on hand. Customized with your company’s name and logo, they jog the recipients’ memories long after the show is done with. These prizes should be useful and somehow tie into your product or service. For the chiropractor attending the show, a branded backscratcher can work well. For the tire retailer, consider the giveaway of ice scrapers. Multi-color pens and screwdrivers, too, make great tchotchkes.

Print Media

Printed brochures, flyers that advertise specials and come with coupons, business cards and catalogs are just some of the printed media you need to keep on hand. A common mistake is to underestimate the interest in your product. Rather than running out of print media halfway through the trade show, keep plenty of backups handy. If you do not give out everything, you can always re-use them during your next Charlotte direct mail campaign.

If this sounds complicated and leaves you wondering how your current setup is comparing to what other businesses are doing, contact our skilled trade show signage experts. We gladly take a look at what you have and make recommendations based on current trends.