A Guide to Lobby Signs for Charlotte Business Owners

As a member of the Charlotte business community, you already know that a lobby sign is one of the most important markers you can put into your office. It markets, brands and works together with the interior décor of the location to create the type of welcoming atmosphere that starts a dialog with the consumer. But do you know what your options are? The great marker that you saw at a competitor’s office may not necessarily work well in your space. The Sign Factory knows that this is an important decision. This is why we created this guide to lobby signs for Charlotte entrepreneurs.

Evaluating the Available Materials for Lobby Signs

The most frequently chosen materials are acrylic, foam and metal laminates. Foam is a good option when you want a three-dimensional look for your lobby sign. Metal laminate is applied to foam (or acrylic) and gives the illusion of having a marker that is made from solid aluminum, copper or even gold. But there are also other materials that may be more suitable for your company’s niche. Glass, stained wood and formed plastic are less frequently used but nevertheless quite attractive. Natural wood is a good option for a health spa while marble can be a great solution for a cosmetic surgeon.

Adding Lighting to the Mix

The majority of our clients rely on manmade lighting to attractively illuminate the lobby sign. When you have chosen to go with a 3D reception area sign, a carefully placed light source will heighten the effect. Metal laminates can be made to beautifully glow with just the right light exposure. If you prefer to rely on natural lighting, we suggest that you opt for a matte finish, which prevents any glare.

Selecting the right Mounting Option

Installing the sign to the wall does not follow a one-size-fits-all solution either. Just as material and lighting choices are highly individualized, the mounting hardware that we use can either be invisible or become part of the marker’s design. Very light flat letters – you might have chosen acrylics – are easily installed with little more than clear silicone gel.

But if you have selected a panel design to which we affixed a mix of different materials, the weight of the marker, as well as the makeup of the wall, will determine the options available to you. Brushed aluminum standoffs are visually attractive and useful for a wide variety of color and material combinations. They look sleek and elegant. In addition, they cover up unsightly screws. For the individual-letter three-dimensional effect, you most likely will prefer decorative metallic hardware that lets us mount the lettering about a quarter or half an inch off the wall. Paired with the right lighting, this looks very distinctive.

By the way, there are still many more options open to you when shopping for your perfect Charlotte, NC, lobby signs. Talk to our friendly signage professionals today to learn more about your options, budget-friendly alternatives and matching suite signs that make your office stand out from the competition.