A Guide to Modular Displays and Fabric Light Boxes

Are you planning out your exhibit for the next trade show? Modular displays, Charlotte, NC, members of the business community have come to realize, are the hottest setups currently available. At the Sign Factory, we routinely receive inquiries about the various modular options that are available to exhibitors. Since we figured that you, too, might be wondering how you can use this type of system for your next Charlotte event, we have put together this guide.

What Is a Modular Display?

Actually, there are a variety of brands and setup opportunities encompassed by this term. The best-known examples are the Tahoe modulars, which accommodate a wide variety if booth sizes. They are backdrops that feature a customized background and optional brochure stands or lighting. The Mammoth line of modular displays relies on a fabric background. This is a hot seller this season and considered by many to be a litmus test for a company’s ability to adapt to changing tastes and trends on the trade show circuit.

How Do Fabric Light Boxes Factor into the Displays?

The fabric light box trade show displays Charlotte, NC, exhibitors are starting to use now are actually part and parcel of the modular setup. They consist of a frame, a customized fabric display and a light source as well as a plug. When in use, the fabric is backlit, which is a real eye-grabber when you use a lot of bright colors such as yellow, orange, light green, red and other similar hues. The light brings the display to life.

Why Should I Switch Last Year’s Setup to These New Displays?

We do not usually recommend that you completely scrap your booth setup unless there are three factors present.

1. A tired display. Your display is more than three years old. In the alternative, your display is newer but has sustained extensive damage, wear and tear, and overall looks heavily used.

2. An outdated display. You have re-branded your company and the displays still feature the darker colors, the old logo or the name of your business in the wrong font. Perhaps one of your manufacturers re-branded and the display, which features one or more products from this producer, is now shown in their old packaging.

3. A non-descript display. You may have hit the trade show circuit with a display that was cobbled together of leftovers from other companies. There is no customized table throws, banners or backdrops. It is time to upgrade.

If you have never put together a trade show booth in the first place, why not start with the top of the line modern modular displays? There is a good chance that these setups will be around for a while. If you already have some modulars, but perhaps not any of the optional accessories that really make them stand out, talk to our friendly display experts. We gladly sit down with you and take stock of what you already have, what you want, and how we can help you put together a cohesive booth that looks great and represents your business in its best light.