A Look at Channel Letter Design and Installation

The Sign Factory experts work with plenty of clients on channel letter design and installation projects. We have noticed that there is a bit of confusion about this product, which causes some folks to pass it over as a possible signage solution for their businesses. To ensure that our clients are well versed in the ins and outs of these choices, we have put together a short FAQ section for channel lettering.

Q: Are channel letters durable?

A: We manufacture this product with lightweight aluminum, which neither rusts nor rots. To close the individual letters, we use polycarbonate, a material that is durable and also does not rust or rot.

Q: Will the sign be unique?

A: Each channel letter sign is custom-made for a client’s business. It displays the font and color selection you chose for your business. Because of this design, your channel letters look markedly different from those picked by a nearby competitor who also commissioned channel letters.

Q: Does the sign come with pre-installed lights?

A: You have multiple options when deciding on illumination for channel letters. It is true that some companies keep the signage unlit. For the client who prefers built-in lighting, there are three distinct options.

1. Front lit. The light shines through the fronts of the letters. This display results in vibrant colors after dark.

2. Back-lit. In this setup, the light escapes through the backs of the letters and reflects off the wall. This bathes the letters in a halo of illumination.

3. Open-face. These letters take on the look and feel of neon signs and are ideal for diners.

Q: How do you install the sign?

A: There are three options. We can flush-mount the letters to the wall, which means that we need access to the electrical components from behind the façade. If this is impractical, or if your lease specifically forbids this type of installation, we suggest a raceway. By employing this technique, we drill fewer holes and service the electrical components from the outside. Another option is the use of a backer panel. It hides the raceway, allows for the use of standoffs for backlit letters and offers the opportunity to bring in contrasting colors.

Q: Why should I choose channel letters over standard dimensional letters?

A: The primary differences are a noticeable 3D effect and the built-in illumination. This signage product puts your marker on par with the displays of multi-national corporations – even if you are just a start-up with a first storefront location. That said, we gladly show you design options for dimensional letters as well.

Q: How do I order this signage product?

A: Now that you have more information about channel letter design and installation practices, just contact our professionals for a consultation appointment. We serve the business communities in and around Charlotte, Matthews, Weddington, Pineville, Steele Creek, Mint Hill, and Indian Trail, NC. We gladly show you what your company’s building façade would look like with a channel letter display while also making recommendations about the best installation options.