A Look at Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs

The use of dimensional letter lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, office and retail spaces is growing. Company owners like the versatility of the display options, which assist with capturing the essence of a company’s approach to doing business. We have plenty of examples that highlight the flexibility of this signage solution.

Acrylic Letters with a Brushed Metal Laminate

When DHG commissioned its lobby sign, it liked the idea of using laser-cut acrylic to create crisp letters with well-defined edges. Adding the brushed metal laminate brings a heightened level of sophistication to the product, which is ideal for investment companies and other businesses related to the financial sector. Also, the display of the slightly reflective metal looks eye-catching against the dark brown wall backdrop.

Painted Acrylic Letters with Logo Components

Using acrylic all by itself is another excellent option. Sugar Creek Construction, LLC clearly liked the use of quarter-inch-thick lettering that we then painted in yellow and gray, which is in keeping with the company’s chosen colors. A satin finish provides a bit of gloss, which is another reason why acrylic is a popular choice for dimensional letters. Our technicians used the same acrylic thickness when creating a logo.

By the way, you might opt to have this kind of product mounted flush to the wall, or choose an installation with half-inch stand-offs. Benchmark went the latter route, and the lettering seems to hover just above the wall’s surface. In addition, this setup allows for a slight shadow formation, which is an attractive display option.

Lit Interior Signage

Another trend that is getting hotter involves the presentation of illuminated interior channel letters. We designed reverse-lit channel letters for DHG in Memphis. This product looks fantastic in its own right, but it really sets the space apart from offices of competitors. Having lit signage that features a bold color display, in this case, it is a blue tone behind a brushed metal front, creates a significant wow factor. Interestingly, it is easy to bring this type of dimensional letter setup to your office, too.

When channel letters are a little too large for what you have in mind, consider the lettering we did for this same company in a different office. A sign featuring push-through acrylic lettering uses the three-dimensional effect of an individual lettering display but allows for installation on a signage backdrop. The interior of the sign holds the light source. This sign is round, features separate style elements and looks fantastic on the wall. Not only does it create product awareness, but it also impresses with its intricate artistry.

Ordering 3D Letter Lobby Signs in Charlotte, NC

Whether you prefer lit or unlit dimensional letters for your new lobby sign, we can help. Discuss your signage project with our graphic artists, who can create sketches that show you the proposed product before you actually order it. Seeing it through the eyes of a customer or client is an excellent tool for judging the effect it will have on those visiting your venue. Contact us today to get started on your project.