Acrylic Panel Logo Lobby Sign for Posse Social Media

Located at 4651 Charlotte Park Drive in Suite 270, Posse Social Media specializes in working with business clients to ensure that corporate websites are in harmony with Google’s latest set of standards. In addition, this business helps companies to create a brand on social media that generates interest and brings in the followers. Although the company’s success speaks for itself, it is still necessary to wow clients who visit the office. This is when Posse Social Media contacted the Sign Factory for assistance.

Acrylic Logo Panel Lobby Signs for Charlotte, NC

We used the display of the company’s name and logo on its website as the inspiration for the lobby sign. Starting with a clear acrylic panel, we added the black lettering and the yellow logo look. Installing the marker with brushed aluminum offsets ensures a professional appearance. Properly displayed on the wall and shown with throw pillows depicting the logos of the various social media platforms, this marker perfectly embodies what this business is all about.

Charlotte business owners have embraced the idea of having their foyer signage bespeak the branding message of their companies rather than just act as name displays. This enhances the interest of the signage products and gives consumers just a bit more insight into the business approach of a company. At the same time, it does not give so much away that the consumer already makes a buying decision. Rather, this approach piques the interest of potential clients.

What are Your Options?

When you are ready to add a new lobby sign to your venue or upgrade the signage product you currently display, you have plenty of options. Acrylic is, of course, an excellent choice that works well for a broad range of niche applications. That said, you do not have to limit yourself to acrylic alone.

Another attractive product is foam. This is a favorite product for those who envision the installation of a dramatic sign that features depth, three-dimensional lettering and perhaps the use of light and shadows to turn the focal wall into a work of art. It is possible to paint the foam in any color you like or apply metallic or acrylic laminates to mimic the appearance of substantial lettering made from these materials. Additionally, the foam is exceedingly budget-friendly.

The metal itself is a good choice for companies that like the appeal of the material. It stands for durability and longevity. Moreover, it imbues a space with a feeling of sophistication. Brass, gold, bronze, stainless steel and aluminum are among your choices. Some of these metals may be cast while others are available in die-cut versions. For a more futuristic display, combine acrylic with metal for a presentation that is artistic as well as avant-garde.

Commission Your Marker Today!

When you need the lobby signs Charlotte, NC, consumers pay attention to, call our graphic artists. We work with you to discover the right material and color selection that brands the business and bespeaks your overall attitude. We discuss mounting options and provide you with sketches to help you decide on the ideal look for your venue.