ADA Signage And Why Your Business Requires It?

Whether you have just started your business or have been established for a while, it’s important to make sure that your signage is ADA compliant.

This is required by The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) for proper ADA signage in public spaces to help ensure that persons with visual, hearing or other sensory disabilities are able to locate and read them easily, either visually or through braille or tactile touch (raised letters).


In addition to improving mobility and independence for these individuals, ADA signage also supports safety in public places by ensuring that entrances and exits are clearly marked, visible, and distinguishable from other rooms.

When Are ADA Signs Required?

Braille ADA signs are required to be:

  • Displayed in locations of floors, stairwells, and all exit levels
  • Posted at every elevator
  • Displayed in locations of all restrooms
  • Posted at every permanent room

When Are ADA Signs Not Required?

Braille ADA signs are not required for the following rooms:

  • Rooms that are temporary in nature, such as classrooms and individual offices
  • Temporary signs (posted for seven days or less)
  • Building directories
  • Building addresses
  • Parking signs
  • Advertising/marketing signs
  • Company logos and names

Examples Of ADA Compliant Signs

  • Handicap parking signs – Made from durable aluminum, these markers show your commitment to ADA adherence. The Sign Factory uses reflective lettering, which makes the symbol and writing on the sign easily visible during daylight and nighttime hours. Other makers that fall into this category are signs identifying van-accessible venues.
  • Safety markers – Frequently on the outside, these signs signal oncoming traffic and highlight the areas where pedestrians may cross safely. The Sign Factory ensures that these markers meet ADA standards, which helps to keep consumers safe while on your property’s parking lot.
  • Interior signs – The ADA specifies that certain interior signs must feature Grade II Braille. For those that are mandated to feature this addition, they also must display sans serif characters of a specified height that are set against a contrasting color background. The finish of the markers must prevent glare from overhead or natural lights.

The Sign Factory: Supplying Businesses With ADA Compliant Signs In Charlotte, North Carolina

The Sign Factory has over 50 years of collective leadership experience in consulting, branding, design, project management, sign making, and installation. We are experts in ADA compliant signs and know the right mounting locations as well as heights that are set forth by the Act. Contact our friendly ADA signage experts today for more information on the ADA process and a free consultation!