Are Your Charlotte Signs in Need of a Makeover?

It’s important to take inventory of your signage from time to time to ensure that they are representing your Charlotte company the way you want them to. This is imperative because signs are one of the first things a potential customer observes when near your business. This first impression makes a huge impact on whether this person walks through your doors or not.

  • Are Your Charlotte Signs in Need of a Makeover?
  • Do your signs need some freshening up?
  • Are they outdated or maybe you just do not like the look of them?

It may be time to give your signs a makeover if you have answered “yes” to any of these questions. The Sign Factory is here to help by highlighting some common issues that may move you to a sign makeover.

  • Fading or outdoor element damage: The sun is a wonder of nature but it is not kind to outdoor signage. With Charlotte’s hot and humid summers, the sun can cause signs to fade over time. The fix may be as simple as freshening it up with some paint. With the percentage of rain that the Charlottes gets, damage to exterior signs can be common. Also, just the age of the sign can cause normal wear and tear. Signs can easily be repaired: letters can be replaced, chips in the paint can be touched up; and, at a fraction of the cost of a new one.
  • Dislike for your current signage: We all make hasty decisions, even in business. If your sign may not represent what your company is about or if you simply do not like it, think about replacing it with a new one. Do not let your business suffer due to past decision making. Take the time that you need to pick out a sign that goes with your branding and that you will like for years to come. You can replace a post and panel sign with a monument sign for a more prestigious appearance or as lighting to your channel letters.
  • Your company has merged with another: If your company has merged with another company that usually means that the name and logo will need to be altered. Simply advertising or informing customers of the merger is not enough. Changing your signage is imperative to keep your customers in the loop and to be consistent in all of your branding tools.
  • Your signs are in need of repair: Unfortunately, just like everything else that we purchase, signs can become cracked, chipped, and damaged in some other way. When this happens, you can either repair or replace your signs. This can be determined by the scope of the damage. We offer sign repair services, so we can give you our expert opinion as to route that is best for your image, as well as your budget.

A sign makeover may mean simply repairing existing signs or creating a new look all together. What does your business need?

A couple of other factors to think about when deciding if you should replace or repair a sign:

  • A permit is not required when repairing a sign, yet may be required when replacing an old one.
  • A repair may be done in a shorter amount of time in most cases than a replacement. (We can help you know which is the case for your situation.)
  • A repair is easier on the budget that replacing a new sign.
  • If your business needs a new image, replacing signs would be a smarter choice than repairing or altering current signs. This offers a more professional look.

The Sign Factory is your local sign company and we welcome you to stop by Monday thru Friday from 8-5 or call 704-321-0040 to speak to a specialist about your sign makeover needs.