Ask Us About Corporate Building and Lobby Signs!

Our shop has done a number of projects for DHG. There was a set of interior channel letters for the Atlanta office, wall graphics for Charlotte, and brushed metal letters for the Asheville office lobby. When we received a call from the client this time around, the management team asked about the design and installation of corporate building and lobby signs.

After a design consultation, we put together a half-inch-thick acrylic lobby sign that spells out DHG at the top and Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP underneath. We added brushed metal laminate to enhance the great looks of the product. Ceiling-mounted spotlights provide illumination for the letters and make it look fantastic against the cream-colored wall. Since the metal is brushed as opposed to polished, it does not reflect the light, which is ideal in this setting.

For the building sign, we installed channel letters. They feature a mid-level blue for the abbreviation and a tone several hues darker for the other text. Our technicians installed the product with a raceway that matches the color of the building’s façade. Doing so makes servicing the letters a snap and ensures the ideal presentation of the marker at the desired location.

Now, the accounting experts present a perfectly branded building façade as well as a reception area that also bespeaks the corporate marketing message. Other clients, we have worked with echo the importance of having these two signage solutions in place right away – even before adding any other markers on the inside or outside.

  • Wayfinding. A building sign not only communicates your brand, but it also serves as a wayfinding product. It helps clients specifically in search of your company to locate your address. On the interior, the lobby sign signals to the customer that s/he has arrived at the right location.
  • Branding. The brand message differs for every client. But as a whole, corporate building and reception area signs serve as vehicles for getting this message across. They do so with the color selection, material choices, and overall display setups.
  • Advertising. A lobby sign should make an excellent initial impression. The building marker does the same during the daylight hours and after dark. In doing so, these signs advertise the business and help it to stand out at its location and among competitors.

When clients ask us about the ideal corporate building and lobby signs, we typically tell them that what works for one company may not work for another one – even if they are in the same field. Contributing factors for the selection of these products include the location, the building’s overall makeup, the brand message of the business, and the target demographic in the area.

For this reason, we offer a broad range of options for corporate building signs. Examples include channel letters but also dimensional letters, high-density urethane panels (HDU) that we sandblast or carve, metal plaques, aluminum panel signs, and electrical cabinets. For the lobby, you might choose among similar products now. Illuminated lobby signs are quickly catching on in popularity, which may be an excellent option for your business.

Find out more today by discussing your plans with our business sign specialists. We help you decide on the right material and color combination for building and lobby markers as well as any other supporting signs you need.