Atlas Fund Services Brands with Dimensional Letter Logo Lobby Sign!

Investors interested in global fund investments know that Atlas Fund Services is the company they can trust. Specialties include hedge and venture capital funds. On the East Coast, you can locate the business at 5550 77 Center Drive in Suite 250. When it came time to add one of the dimensional letter logo lobby signs for Charlotte, NC, financial services companies, Atlas’ management team contacted the signage experts at the Sign Factory for assistance.

Elegant Dimensional Letters Communicate Your Branding Message

We started with ¼-inch thick aluminum. Next, we die-cut the letters out of the material. We did the same for the logo. To enhance its looks, we added additional dimensional shapes to its surface area. Since the wall’s color is close to navy blue, we added a slightly gold tint to the metal. The resulting look is professional, elegant and clearly bespeaks the company’s commitment to long-term service.

Lobby Sign Options

Metal is not the only material choice for dimensional letters. Our technicians manufacture these products also with acrylic, PVC and sign foam. The latter in particular is excellent for the creation of three-dimensional products that stand out and make spectacular display pieces. If you favor a different type of signage display, there are additional alternatives.

Acrylic boards make outstanding lobby signs. Many of our business clients request a clear acrylic board to which we then mount dimensional letters. Another product option includes the use of digitally imprinted vinyl overlays. Doing so allows us to show off graduated paint images that you might have used on your company’s website to display your name and logo.

When you want to select a completely different and innovative look, consider the installation of digital graphics or wall murals. The graphic is little more than digitally imprinted vinyl that shows off your name and logo in bold colors. It attaches directly to the wall and does not require any special care. When you like the idea of integrating artwork with your lobby signage, we recommend the design of a whole-wall mural that includes your lobby sign. When choosing this option, you have the opportunity to tell your company’s story in the process.

Commissioning Your Dimensional Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Charlotte, NC

Contact our graphic artists to schedule a client consultation. We meet with you and visit your venue. During this appointment, we take measurements of the focal wall and discuss the use of various style elements as well as artwork that you may already have. Depending on your preference, we work on the creation of a color scheme or take our inspiration from your website.

We create sketches that show you what the finished product would look like. When we are certain that we have succeeded at catching your vision, we manufacture the marker and install it in your space. Installation methods vary, depending on the makeup and weight of the product. When we make an appointment for the installation, we are mindful of your business and will choose a time that imposes the least inconvenience to your staff and clients.