Aware Environmental’s Eye-Grabbing Cabinet Sign in Charlotte NC!

Non-illuminated cabinet signs for Charlotte, NC, businesses are excellent options for marketing, branding and getting noticed by passersby. Case in point is Aware Environmental. Located at 9305 Monroe Road, this company is in the business of environmental consulting and engineering. Aware has been in business since 1988. During this time, it has built up an enormous bit of name recognition. That said, there is never a time when a building sign is not of great importance.

When it came time to add a marker to the façade of Aware Environmental’s building, the company’s management team contacted the Sign Factory. We designed a non-illuminated cabinet sign with a white backdrop and blue writing. The typeface mimics the look of the company’s trademarked name and logo. Centered above the entrance, it is now easy for passersby to locate Aware. Better yet, the colors of this sign stand out beautifully from the red brick façade of the building. Getting noticed has never been easier. Are you thinking of adding cabinet signs for Charlotte, NC, business ventures? Whether you operate a retail location, are a service provider in a medical office park or run a small company or non-profit organization out of a storefront location, the cabinet maker is very noticeable, attractive and quite customizable.

  • Showcase your logo. Whether you are just starting out in business or have been an integral part of the local business community for a few decades, displaying your logo is a key element to being recognized by consumers. The more frequently you can display this crucial part of your business’s persona, the better it is for overall name recognition. A cabinet sign can highlight this logo or even be formed to represent its actual shape for an even bigger impact.
  • Imprint must-know information. Since cabinet sizes are generally up to you, you can display as much – or as little – as you would like. Some of our customers – like Aware Environmental – like to keep it simple and stick with the name and logo. Others include contact information, graphics and perhaps also the names of individual service providers.
  • Illumination vs. non-lit display options. It is up to you! We gladly choose a cabinet setup that includes a light source. If your operating hours frequently fall during times when the natural light has diminished, it makes sense to choose an illuminated sign. The same is true for a new company that needs to advertise its presence at a location long after its doors are closed. Of course, if you keep standard office hours, there is oftentimes no need to add illumination to your signage setup.

Getting started on your cabinet sign order is easy. Call our friendly signage professionals and discuss your marker needs. We gladly come out for a site evaluation to ensure that we give you solid advice on sizing and setup. Next, we work with any artwork that you already have. If you are new to the local business community or are unsure that you are happy with the artwork that you have on hand, we gladly work with you on creating a new look for your building sign.