Awesome Door Graphics for Fashion and Compassion in Charlotte NC

Fashion & Compassion is more than just a retailer for beautiful fashions with a twist. In fact, this organization is dedicated to selling handmade products by women and men “who are overcoming poverty and oppression.” Unlike a wholesaler that would make a profit, this non-profit organization actually returns the profits into the communities via collaborative partners. When it came time to commission door graphics for the retail offices of this organization, the management team contacted the Sign Factory.

We did a full-length vinyl window graphic that showed the now-iconic logo of Fashion & Compassion along the entire height of the door. The logo is prominently displayed for a great effect. The typeface is easy to read and attracts visitors and new volunteers when passersby decide to learn more about this great outfit. While money is always a careful consideration for these types of organizations, nonprofit door graphics for Charlotte, NC, groups are must-haves to attract potential donors as well as helpers.

Do you operate a non-profit organization? Do you have a storefront office that welcomes visitors, volunteers, potential donors and those interested in purchasing the products that help to support your work? If this is the case, you can have great success in branding and be generating name recognition by using retail store door graphics. In Charlotte, NC, these types of graphics are commonplace in commercial venues and have been hugely successful in getting customers to walk right in.

  • Wayfinding. The size of a full-length window graphic that displays a name and logo cannot be underestimated. It is impressive, eye-catching and will make it easy for anyone to find you. It is immaterial if you are located in a busy office park, a bustling retail center or have set up your storefront in a mixed-use area. Because of the color choices and size, these graphics stand out.
  • Marketing. Generate interest in your organization by displaying its name and logo. Especially passersby who are not familiar with the name of your group will be curious to find out more about you. Some customers have had great success with the use of literature pockets hung from door features or attached to window panes. For those consumers, who already know about your organization, you help to connect a location with the cause. These are consumers who may turn into donors or volunteers – or both!
  • Approachability. Sometimes, potential donors have questions that they would like to ask in person. They might like to get to know the folks behind an organization before committing time and resources to the cause. In addition, a well-marked office space gives you the option of welcoming potential volunteers for interviews. Having a storefront location makes your group approachable.

Whether you are a retailer, a storefront operator or a non-profit organization that is just starting out or working on getting more established in the neighborhood, the expert door graphics professionals at the Sign Factory can help. Contact us today for more information on the door and window decals as well as all of the other signage options that can help shape the look and feel of your space.