Be Unique with Vinyl Graphic Lobby Signs in Charlotte!

Using wall graphics for lobby signs in Charlotte, NC, is a practice that is quickly catching on. It presents a good alternative to dimensional letters crafted from metal, foam or acrylic. At the same time, this practice has the potential of giving the space a decidedly cutting-edge or avant-garde vibe, depending on the color selection and display design. What are your options?

Combining Vinyl Overlays with Clear Acrylic Panels

When you want to give a nod to the traditional lobby sign but look to vinyl for the wow factor, the combination of vinyl and a panel is ideal. Case in point is the signage display we created for Brian Boswell, CPA. We mounted a clear acrylic board to a wood board backdrop with aluminum offsets. Next, we added a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay that shows the company’s name and logo in an intricate color display. This type of combination also works for foam panels or metal backdrops.

The Mural, Panel and Letter Combination

When you like the idea of making your lobby sign a piece of art that takes up a larger portion of the wall space, you cannot go wrong with a full-length acrylic panel. Choose one of your company’s colors for best results. We did something of the kind for Ernst & Young. The acrylic panels mount to the wall with aluminum offsets. The digital print cut letters attach to the acrylic and show off your business’ name and logo. Add a tagline or motto for an even more outstanding display.

Die-cut Wall Graphics

When you want to go for a purist form of the vinyl graphics lobby sign, the selection of a die-cut version of the company name and logo combination is the right choice. After visiting your location for a site survey and for taking measurements, we give you a variety of sizing options that can make the marker either the focal point of your wall or an attractive part of its overall setup. The majority of clients choose to select a size that mimics a standard lobby sign although some have had excellent success with the display of a smaller than normal sign.

When you are ready to go for the gusto, we suggest the incorporation of the vinyl graphic lobby sign with a whole-wall mural that tells the story of your company or highlights the products or services that you offer. In this setting, the display brands your space while actively marketing your company’s product lines. For businesses that routinely welcome investors, prospective clients or corporate buyers, this is a fantastic method for piquing an interest in your venture. You will be hard-pressed to find another lobby signage solution that succeeds at accomplishing this feat in this manner.

Discussing Your Vision with the Professionals

The Sign Factory graphic artists are available to discuss the design and use of vinyl graphics lobby signs for Charlotte, NC, venues. This signage setup is suitable for retailers, service providers and also non-profit organizations as well as schools. When you are thinking of pursuing this look but are unsure if you can pull it off in your space, give our pros a call. We show you sketches that detail how this signage design can look on your wall. Call us today to learn more!