Best Uses for Corporate Wall Graphics and Wall Murals

The use of wall graphics is quickly becoming the hallmark of a forward-thinking business enterprise. Yet did you know that there are countless ways of making this technology work for you and your niche? In addition to corporate wall murals for Charlotte, NC, offices, there are also graphics and decals that can combine to tell your company’s story. What are your options?

Choosing Wall Graphics and Murals for Branding Purposes in Lobbies

Forget the traditional lobby sign. Companies on the cutting edge of technology and manufacturing now favor the use of wall graphics to display their logo and name. Some go so far as to commission a whole-wall mural that depicts an aspect of their business endeavor or service. For example, the oil and gas business may devote a wall to the display of a pump jack while another wall features salient facts about the company’s achievements. Combined with a lobby sign, this setup effectively brands the business.

Communicating a Vision or Mission

When you have a mission statement, tagline or vision that you repeatedly refer to in your advertising and print marketing, it makes sense to display it in your space. Business owners like to commission these statements in the form of vinyl lettering that then installs right underneath a standard lobby sign. The combination of the two signage solutions is highly effective. Repeat this display in the meeting rooms, hallways and other areas as well.

Motivate Workers with Murals and Graphics

In the break room, give your workers a chance to relax with a soothing wall mural. Depicting a beach, mountain scene or similar venue, you help them to relax before their lunch hour is up. This is particularly important when the room has no windows. By the way, remember that the training room is another great opportunity for you to motivate your employees. While you want them to rest in the break room, spur them on in the training area to buy into the vision and perform their best for your customers or clients.

Graphics Turn Conference Rooms into Marketing Centers

You do not just use your conference room to meet with your employees or customers. You also use the space to conduct video conferencing. Brand and market your business by having the right graphics installed on your walls. When the company you are negotiating with cannot help but be continuously exposed to the branding message in the background, you succeed at making your pitch without even saying a word. This type of marketing setup is also very effective when welcoming investors to your space.

Ordering corporate wall graphics for Charlotte, NC, venues is as easy as contacting the graphic artists at The Sign Factory. We work with you or your management team to put together a graphics display that suits your niche and underscores the marketing message of your company. We can use artwork that you already have on file to create these graphics. If you prefer, consider the use of our stock photos for your purposes. When you like to have a combination of lettering and images, we gladly help you to get the right look. Call us today to get started on your order.