Best Uses for Vinyl Window Graphics in Huntersville NC

Do you know where your customers come from? According to the International Sign Association, 85 percent of your current customer base lives or works within five miles of your storefront, restaurant, or office. However, 18.6 percent of local folks tend to move each year. This means that you need to draw in new customers consistently to maintain your base and grow. This is where vinyl window graphics in Huntersville, NC, can make a huge difference in your success rate.

Retail Storefront Window Graphics Offer Continued Visual Appeal to Passersby

Remember the 85-percent figure? These consumers walk or drive past your business at least once a day multiple times a week. Does your current window graphics setup succeed in catching their attention every single time? It can, if your image presentation meets three distinctive hallmarks.

1. Vibrant colors. Colors that pop catch the eye. The same goes for a combination of complementing colors that are bright, lively, and combine to present a dynamic display. Steer clear of drab colors, pastels that might look washed out, or tones that are too similar.

2. Buzzwords. When you add lettering to the mix, appeal to consumers’ frugal character by featuring terms such as “free,” “deep discounts,” or “BOGO.” Very few customers can resist the temptation of a great deal.

3. Demographic Driven. Know your customer base and gear your image selection accordingly. If you do business in an area with luxury stores, you need to keep in step with the atmosphere of the location. Conversely, if your storefront is situated in a neighborhood with second-hand and discount stores, a luxury product display probably will not have a lot of appeals.

Window Wraps are Ideal for More Permanent Advertising

A wrap features a vinyl product that presents a full-size advertising message to everyone passing by your business. When you select opaque vinyl, the material will not allow sunlight to pass through, and you lose natural illumination. If you like the sunlight, choose a perforated vinyl film option for the material instead. We recommend opting for lighter colors when doing the latter because it heightens the vibrancy of the images and does not allow the consumer to see into your business through the perforations. Business owners with large windows like wraps when they do not use the glass panes to display products.

Inform with Window Lettering

While you catch the attention of passersby with colorful and carefully themed vinyl window graphics in Huntersville, NC, rely on smaller lettering for informative presentations such as hours, contact options and name displays. This information is crucial for the 18.6 percent of your consumer base that moves out and needs to be replaced with the new folks that move in or start working within a five-mile radius of your company. Feature the lettering on your door or window adjacent to the entrance. Of course, lettering that identifies the name of your establishment can go on each glass pane on your property.

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