Boost an Office Building’s Appeal with Custom Suite Signs in Charlotte NC

Are you in charge of outfitting a new Charlotte, North Carolina, office building with custom interior signs? Not only do you need to focus on the functionality of the markers, but you also want to underscore the branding of the building. Moreover, prospective commercial tenants want to be able to introduce their branding as well via custom suite signs in Charlotte, NC. Do you know what your options are?

See some of the ways you can boost your office appeal with our custom interior signs for business. Contact The Sign Factory in Charlotte to book a consultation and get the best business lobby signs on the block!

Anatomy of a Suite Sign With a Wow Factor

What sets apart an eye-catching suite sign from one that is so-so is the use of materials. Typical options include acrylic, metal, and PVC. Because you want to show the tenant that your office building is a high-end venue, the use of upscale materials makes sense. In this way, they help to set the overall ambience of the building. For this reason, we recommend the use of more unusual materials, including glass, thick acrylic, etched metal, and luxurious wood.

How to Allow for Dual Branding

The trick here is to create the suite sign frame that reflects your brand message. For the tenant’s branding, you have the option of using thin acrylic inserts or applying engraved metal laminates. What would this look like?

  • Back panels. Mount quarter-inch thick acrylic back panels that we paint with tones from your corporate color palette. Another option is the use of a vinyl laminate that we imprint with your corporate color while featuring the subliminal display of your logo. The tenant is then responsible for having the company’s sign portion manufactured according to its brand standard.
  • ADA compliance. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) specifies the look and feel of signage in public areas. You may either leave it up to the tenant to display the suite number, or you can incorporate it into the framework and make the incoming business responsible for applying the rules to its name display.
  • Adding elegance and innovation. If you would like to go for the gusto, consider the use of aluminum frames. We can cut out your corporate name and logo. Next, we install LED light sources behind the frame. When illuminated, your company’s information stands out, but in a way that does not overwhelm the brand message of the tenant.

Secondary Signage to Boost the Impression of Suite Signs

Consider the use of additional interior signage products to heighten the impression your suite signs make. Examples include wall murals, canvas prints, and mounted wall art. Remember also to install frosted and etched vinyl privacy film in areas where glass doors are the entrances to the offices. Finally, install vinyl lettering on the office building’s main entrance door. Display the building’s hours of operation and the contact information for your office.

Buy Custom Suite Signs in Charlotte, NC

Our business sign experts at The Sign Factory recognize the fact that you need to invest in the most visually appealing customized suite signs for the property you manage. Because the right appearance makes the difference between signing a long-term lease contract with a commercial tenant and losing the opportunity, entrust your signage needs to the best in the business. Contact us today to discuss the options available to you when it comes to custom interior signs for business.