Boost Sales With Custom Signs In Charlotte NC

While every business in Charlotte is unique, all of them can agree that there is always a need for sales, sales, and more sales. And that is where custom signs in Charlotte, NC can make a transformative difference between a lackluster sales pipeline, and one that is full of high-quality and profitable customers.

Here are some of eye-opening signage statistics based on research studies by FedEx Office and the University of Cincinnati, respectively:

  • 76% of customers have entered a business for the first time exclusively because they were impressed by the signage.
  • 67% of customers have purchased from a business exclusively because they were impressed by the signage.
  • 60% of businesses that upgraded their signage saw an average 10% uptick in sales, number of transactions, and profits.
  • Small and mid-sized businesses say that signage is the most important factor for getting their business noticed, and in order to help customers find their location.

Below are some of the signage solutions that might be ideal for your business, and a big part of your strategy to boost sales:

  • Channel Letter Signs
  • Monument Signs
  • Electronic Message Centers
  • Banners
  • Window Graphics
  • Panel Signs

Plus, you can upgrade your indoor signage mix with solutions such as wayfinding signage, lobby signs, wall graphics, and more to ensure that customers, suppliers, vendors, and all other visitors are impressed with your brand and business from the moment they arrive — and long after they depart.

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