Brand with Illuminated Signs in Mint Hill NC

Consumers in Mecklenburg and Union Counties have one thing in common: They want to find your Mint Hill business. Doing so is not possible without the right signage. When we offer our consulting services to entrepreneurs who are just starting out, we always stress the importance of investing in exterior signage before the doors to the business are even open. In particular, this refers to the types of illuminated signs Mint Hill, NC, shoppers easily see from their cars or while walking along. What are your options?

Channel Letters

The channel letter setup is one of the most sophisticated signage setups that work for any business type. Whether you are operating a pizza franchise, a boutique or a hardware store, channel letters identify the name of your business. In addition, this signage product capitalizes on the colors that you have already established on your website or via your print ads. In fact, vibrant colors are one of the hallmarks that make channel letters stand out.

Lighting is achieved by LEDs that are installed into the aluminum bodies of the letters. For front-lit markers, which are by far the most commonly chosen option, the fronts of the letters are made from colorful polycarbonate. During the daytime, these facings properly display your business colors. At night, the illumination adds vibrancy to the look that makes it easy to brand your business and assist with wayfinding.

Another option is the installation of LEDs that allow the light to escape from the backs of the lettering. In this setup, the fronts are made from aluminum while the backs feature a clear polycarbonate material. The light escapes through the back, which gives the entire letter a halo effect. Although you compromise on color, you do receive a look of sophistication that is difficult to top.

Lightbox Cabinets

Mounted on the façade of your building, the lightbox cabinet features an aluminum body and a polycarbonate facing. LEDs are once again on the interior. In this setup, however, the body of the sign may take on a typical geometric shape or even the look of your logo. A vinyl overlay identifies your company’s name, its logo and any tagline or professional affiliation listing that you believe would be helpful. These are the types of illuminated signs Mint Hill, NC, body shops and manufacturers like to commission.

Monument Marker with a Lightbox Cabinet

This latter signage product is so versatile that it is not just for façade mounts any longer. Sign Factory clients commission it for pole mounts as well as in conjunction with their orders for monuments signs. The monument is usually placed at the entrance to the parking lot.

There, motorists who may be looking for the business in particular, or for someone in the niche in general, see it. The lightbox cabinet turns the monument into a brightly lit signage product after dark. Not only does this setup assist with wayfinding, branding and marketing, but it quickly turns your venue into a landmark. Call us today for more information on the illuminated signs Mint Hill companies simply cannot do without.