Branding for your Charlotte Restaurant

There are hundreds of restaurants in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. As a restaurant owner you have strived to create delicious dishes that people would love to eat and have put together a well trained staff to serve diners. You have invested time and money in tables, chairs, decorations, and dining ware like dishes and silverware. You want to make all of this effort and expense was worthwhile. to be sure that your restaurant stands out above your competition so that you can have a thriving and successful business.

Creating a well planned and memorable branding strategy has been shown to get a restaurant noticed. A restaurant branding strategy that allows your business to be seen over and over again increases the chances of growing a new customer base, as well as remaining in front of repeat diners.

Follow the example of Genghis Grill. Genghis Grill is a very successful restaurant chain that has many locations throughout the United States and is growing. They understand the value of smart branding. They use several methods of advertising to accomplish this.

An Eye-Catching Logo

Before you begin a branding strategy, you need to make sure that you have a logo that is professional and easy to recognize without looking similar to another restaurant. You want your logo to be unique, which will make it stand out instead of blending in. When you take a look at the logo of Genghis Grill’s logo, you can admire the excellent contrasting colors paired with a font that is memorable.

Outdoor Illuminated Signage

Create a lasting impression with gorgeous custom-made outdoor illuminated channel letters. Channel letters that are illuminated have a better chance of getting noticed than non-illuminated channel letters, especially if your restaurant serves late afternoon, evening or late night meals.

Channel letters allow those passing by to see your business. One of our customers, Genghis Grill of Matthews, North Carolina realizes the benefit of channel letters. As you can see from the image in this article, these outdoor letters stand out and welcome people to come and visit their business. Since channel letters can be custom made, your logo, fonts, and colors can be used for this outdoor signage. This will definitely help brand your restaurant.

Window Graphics

Window graphic adds to channel letters in your branding strategy. Window graphics are removable and cost-effective so they can be replaced on a regular basis to promote different specials or events that your restaurant may be having. Including your logo in your window graphics enhance your branding to those that are walking by. Window graphics are often eye level so this is a great opportunity to get your branding into the mind of potential new or repeat customers for your Charlotte or Matthews restaurant.

Vehicle Lettering and Vehicle Wraps

While having signage like beautiful, eye-catching channel letters and window graphics at your restaurant site helps with branding your dining establishment to those passing by, what about all those people that do not venture into that area? If you are not reaching these people, you are missing out on a great opportunity to expand your customer base on an even greater level. This is where vehicle advertising can greatly help.

When you use vehicle letter or vehicle wraps as part of your branding strategy, your business can be noticed anywhere that you can take your vehicle to. During fairs, festivals, and other events you can park your car with your vehicle advertisement on it and get your restaurant noticed.

Take a lot at the vehicle graphics we did for Genghis Grill.

Following the example of a successful franchise like Genghis Grill for your branding strategy is a smart move. Call us at 704-321-0040 to get started on your restaurant branding today.