Branding with Interior Illuminated Signs in Charlotte NC

Do you remember the interior illuminated branding signage in Charlotte, NC, that we put together for Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP (DHG)? In addition to digital print graphics that the company uses to display its mission statement on a primary hallway wall, these products serve as a means to set the tone for the office. This business is uniquely aware of the attention-getting power that signage possesses as well as the opportunities for crossing over from functional designs to artistic creations with a distinct branding message.

When this client called us to create additional markers, we were glad to comply. The chosen products are once again picked for an illuminated interior installation. In this setting, they line a narrow hallway and present with colorful yellow, blue, violet and red tones. Interior illuminated branding signage once again serves to imbue a setting with a unique message. Would it have been possible to use vinyl wall graphics? Sure! But they never would have reached the pizzazz of illuminated displays at this particular site.

Standing out with Lights

The design reminds of round electrical cabinets. They feature the same color as the wall. We used polycarbonate for the colorful fronts. White symbols support the bright nature of the display. When lit, these markers become instant focal points. Not even the ceiling lights can steal the show.

If you have been thinking of adding some zing to your space, why not try LED signage?

  • Inexpensive to operate. LEDs do not need a lot of electricity. In fact, you can keep them on all day.
  • Colorful. When you need splashes of color in your setting, you cannot go wrong with lit interior signage. Opt for bright facings to heighten the impression. That said, you may also use bold colors that demand attention from visitors to your location.
  • Adaptable to all tastes. DHG liked the idea of circles. You may prefer other geometric shapes. Then again, you may not want a geometric shape at all but rather have something different. Why not ask for signage in the shape of your logo?
  • Easy integration with your current branding tools. Our graphic artists design the look and feel of the products to fit right in with your existing interior décor. We can integrate the products into your overall design or create a new look with the list items as centerpieces.

Branding with Illuminated Interior Signs in Charlotte, NC

Communicating your branding message requires eye-catching signage. Companies understand that there is not one signage solution that succeeds in doing so all by itself. In fact, more and more business owners now commission signage suites that work together to present the message from different angles. While a vinyl mural may appeal to one type of customer, a lit lobby sign may catch the attention of another. Combining the two for a one-two signage punch is always a good decision.

Discuss your branding displays with our graphic artists. We work with you to decide on a look, color selection, and installation location. If you need some help putting together an indoor setup with multiple products, we can assist you with that, too. Contact us today to get started on your project.