Branding Your Restaurant with Vehicle Decals in Matthews NC

Choosing vehicle decals for Matthews, NC, restaurants is an excellent way of being noticed by a broad range of potential guests. Case in point is the Genghis Grill at 9727 East Independence Boulevard. This eatery specializes in grilling tasty ingredients over an open flame to be served in a bowl over a bed of rice. Select your protein, spices, veggies, and sauce as well as the sides that accompany the meal. While satisfied guests keep coming back, spreading the word about the business called for a more aggressive marketing plan.

Mobile Marketing Works

When the management team contacted our graphic artists to design vehicle decals, we worked with the team to put together a look that creates instant familiarity for consumers who visit the eatery as well as for those who first check out the business online. By copying the website’s logo and name display for a decal, we brought the red, white and yellow to a distinctively shaped vinyl product.

It now attaches directly to the sides of the vehicle. For the rear window, we created a perforated vinyl sheet that allows the driver to see out while the consumer sees the decal. For this product, we added the website address. Any motorists behind the company’s car now take in this marketing message and the invitation to interact online.

Turning Your Vehicles into Mobile Billboards

Restaurants benefit from this approach to branding and marketing. Other types of companies, too, have success when turning vehicles into mobile billboards. What are your options?

  • Full wraps. A full wrap changes the way your automobile looks. Completely covered with the vinyl product, every inch advertises and brands.
  • Partial wraps. When your vehicle’s color is an ideal match for the color of your logo or other advertising copy, save yourself some money by incorporating the hue into the vinyl product.
  • Lettering and graphics. Lettering is an ideal tool for displaying your company’s name, contact information and niche description. Graphics catch the eye and tie together the message with a striking look.
  • Decals and spot graphics. When you want to display your business’ logo and name, the use of a decal or spot graphic works very well. Installation locations vary but depending on your business, consider the hood, sides as well as the roof of the vehicle.
  • Lettering. Many start-ups know that mobile marketing is the way to go. Yet a slim advertising budget makes a full graphics setup impractical. Using lettering to get started, however, is an excellent method for building a client base that later allows for an upgrade to a graphics package.

When you are ready to commission your vehicle decals for restaurants in Matthews, NC, or for any other type of business, contact our professionals for more information and to get started on your project. We work with you to discover the ideal display placement and content of your message. Also, we can help you decide on a graphics package that suits your needs and your budget. Whether you have one vehicle to treat or an entire fleet that you would like to convert into moving billboards, we can help.