Byron’s South End Catering Brands with New Entrance Sign & Window Graphics

Located at 101 West Worthington Avenue in Charlotte, Byron’s South End is positioning itself to become a much sought-after high-end catering company. Part of Best Impressions Caterers, this venue features 4,700 square feet of entertainment and meeting rooms in the area’s historic south end. The landscaping is elegant, which perfectly suits the chic exterior of the locale. The interior showcases an eclectic décor that suits a business meeting as much as a wedding reception. When it came time to add signage to the building, the Sign Factory got the call.

Making Their “Best Impression”

Best Impressions, Inc. is a Charlotte, NC catering firm founded in 1989. It operates as three distinct catering divisions: Best Impressions Caterers, Byron’s South End and The Grill & Picnic Company. Housed in a state-of-the-art 11,000 sq. ft. a facility, the production kitchen and offices within The Design Center of the Carolinas routinely handle several hundred events or more per month. Best Impressions Caterers provides culinary services for a wide range of discerning corporate, philanthropic and social clients. The Grill & Picnic Company is designed to handle large-scale company picnics, backyard gatherings and social events on a more casual basis. Byron’s South End and The Design Center Atrium serve as host venues for corporate business functions, wedding and social gatherings and philanthropic galas. In addition to being listed as a preferred caterer on many of the cities premier events venues, Best Impressions is also the exclusive food, beverage and equipment provider for Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens.

We discussed various signage possibilities with the company’s management team. We decided to add entryway markers as well as banquet hall entrance signs. Charlotte, NC, event attendees appreciate seeing the easy-to-read sign that features black, white and goldenrod graphics. An arrow points into the direction of the entrance. But when it comes to entryway signs, Charlotte, NC, locals expect a bit more of a south end venue. Byron’s South End did not disappoint. A white window decal was augmented with black shapes that depict a formal gathering. These black shapes reflect the area right in front of the window, which has an astonishing effect on passersby.

Would your venue shine with these types of entrance signs?

Wayfinding Assistance

While the primary reason for an entryway sign is wayfinding, there are other reasons for placing it there as well. In the case of a movable sandwich board, menu, or post and panel marker, the sign can be placed in the way of oncoming traffic. This not only assists with wayfinding for those in search of their party, but it also markets the location to consumers who may be thinking of renting a meeting hall at some time in the future.


You want your meeting place to stand out from the crowd. It should explain to brides why they should consider renting your locale rather than another one. Moreover, the atmosphere must be sufficiently different to attract the eye of trained wedding planners and event planners alike. A tall order? It does not have to be! When your entryway sign is as off-the-wall and artistic as the one chosen by Byron’s South End, you can be sure to catch the eye of countless passersby and professionals. Moreover, it identifies you as being different and interesting, which is always good for the consumers who want something that is a little different from what they are used to.


Make it known that you are open for business by adding highly-visible signs. While lettering on the glass door or windowpane may spell out your office hours, it is the marker on the sidewalk that signals your presence much more clearly.

If you are rethinking the setup of your entrance signage, talk to our friendly experts. We gladly come out for a site survey that allows us to give you fact-based advice on possible signage solutions. Measuring the entryway also lets us provide you with detailed input on the look of larger versus smaller signs. If the entryway is narrow, taller signs will look better.