Cabinet Sign Refurbishing for Bonomi North America

Bonomi is a company that specializes in valve products, automation components, technical equipment and a host of other product solutions for industry and manufacturing sectors. When the company needed help with cabinet sign refurbishing for Charlotte, NC, the management team contacted the Sign Factory for assistance.

Sign Refurbishing Creates a New Look at a Fraction of the Cost

We visited the company for a site evaluation. The sign is a cabinet panel monument. It now displays brushed metal. We added custom-painted dimensional letters that provide a 3D effect, which easily wows motorists and visitors to the venue. The color scheme expertly brands the company and generates name recognition in visitors. The combination of the three-dimensional display brushed metal backdrop and popping colors creates an effect that is contemporary, unique and looks great in front of the property.

When a sign is already in place, sometimes it takes little more than a few repairs, the replacement of some surfaces, paint and the expertise of a seasoned technician to coax many more years of life out of the marker. In so doing, it also allows a sign to transform from presenting with a dated appearance to taking on an avant-garde look that brands a company much better than the previous appearance could ever hope to achieve. Since we did not have to manufacture the sign from scratch, the company saved quite a bit of money in the process.

Is Sign Refurbishing for Me?

When the structure of your sign is solid, there is really no reason to throw it out. Instead, it makes much more sense to invest in a cosmetic upgrade. Who commissions signage refurbishing?

  • New tenants. When there is already a monument on site, why not capitalize on the investment another tenant made? Simply add your marketing and branding information to the existing structure. The money you save here can help you to upgrade your exterior building signage.
  • Re-branding companies. Every so often, companies choose to re-brand their products. This process usually includes some tweaks to fonts and colors. Since every sign needs to be upgraded, it makes better financial sense to refurbish an existing sign than to invest in an entire suite of new markers.
  • Upgrading a look. Let’s say that you have a cabinet monument on your property that is not as nice-looking as you would like it to be. We can fix this simply by repairing the marker and adding a bit of material here and there to create the look that you like. The original structure is still at the heart of the signage upgrade. This process makes it possible to take any structurally sound monument sign and transform it into a showy branding piece that wows.

When you are thinking of cabinet sign refurbishing in Charlotte, NC, contact our professionals first. We inspect the sign for safety, which ensures that you do not invest in a sign that is in danger of falling down soon. Secondly, we provide you with sketches that offer you a broad range of choices with respect to the marker’s new finished look. When we are confident that we have captured your vision, we work on the marker and integrate the new products.