Carolina Law Office Signage Solutions

These days, branding is important for business success – even for law firms. Basically, your brand is what other people – your clients and potential clients – think of you. What kind of image are you presenting to others? How do you others view your law firm?

David Ogilvy, known as the father of advertising, stated “A brand puts a face on your business and its identity says who you are. If the brand isn’t memorable, when just the right time comes, nobody’s gonna remember you.”

As a law firm, it is important to think about your target audience. Who are you looking to attract? What is it going to take for this target audience to notice your law firm AND to remember you?

The signs that you have on your desk, in the hallways, in the lobby and outside your office make a huge impact on how clients and potential clients view your law firm. The styles of your signs, the fonts and colors used, and the location of your signage all make an image and feeling in those viewing your signage.

Taking a walk around your office and taking an honest look at your signage of both the interior and exterior is highly recommended. Is your signage in good condition, modern, appealing and professional looking? Is there lobby signage and wayfinding signage that is clear and easy to understand? Is all of your signage coordinated well together or is your law firm sending out mixed messages?

We take branding seriously here at The Sign Factory because we know what a difference it makes and how great, well planned out branding can bring in more clients for your law firm, while a lack of signage or uncoordinated signage leaves a less than desirable image. We want your law firm to succeed in connection your lawyers with the clients you want. Here are a few law firm branding signage solutions we would like to share with you.

Law Firm Parking Area and Entrance Signage

Making a good first impression is vital. People really do judge a book by it’s cover. When a person pulls up to your law office, they will create an idea of what to expect by the wayfinding signage you provide and condition of your signage. Do you have clear signage that indicates where to park, not to park, and where the entrance is?

Post and Panel Architectural Sign

Post and Panel Signs are a great way to bring your law firm’s name closer to potential customers. Architectural signs promote your law firm to those passing by and those visiting your firm. These signs come in many shapes and sizes that will complement your logo and decor and be based on the message that you want to communicate to clients. Location of these signs is vital as well. Making sure this exterior sign is visible from the roadway will ensure that those passing by are aware of your law firm. Here is a Post and Panel Sign that we created and installed for the Law Offices of SeiferFlatow, PLLC.

Dimensional Letter Lobby Signs

Once a client enters your building, branding is just as important. People are very visual and appeal to beautiful branding. Check out the gorgeous acrylic dimensional letter lobby sign that we created and installed for the law offices of SeiferFlatow, PLLC on our Pinterest page. A sign like this makes a very professional appearance that impacts clients in a very impressionable and positive way.

Bronze and Brass Name Plates

To continue the professional law firm appearance that will impress clients, little touches like bronze and brass names plates make a memorable impact. Clients appreciate these touches. They also serve as helpful wayfinding tools as well.

With these law firm branding signage solutions from The Sign Factory, you are sure to make a memorable impression on those passing and visiting your law offices. Call us 704-321-0040 to get started today. We can design, produce and install of your law firm signage so you can focus on your clients.