CATCON Adds Logo Letter Lobby Sign in Charlotte NC

Located at 9301 Monroe Road, CATCON is a multi-state disaster recovery service company. Holding a national license, this business serves residential and commercial clients with clean up as well as reconstruction of properties that experienced catastrophic damage due to natural or other disasters. When the Charlotte office needed a lobby sign, the company’s management team contacted the signage experts at The Sign Factory.

Acrylic Letter Lobby Signs for Charlotte, NC


We discussed the sign’s desired look with the team. Taking our cue from the company’s website, we used half-inch-thick acrylic for the manufacture of dimensional letters that spell out the name CATCON. The black color contrasts well with the creamy white wall background. The logo displays with black, orange and white colors. Visitors to the business’ website are sure to recognize it right away. This signage setup now expertly brands and markets in the reception area of the company’s office.

Designing Signage to Stand Out

A lot is being said about signs that harmonize with the background color of the wall. Although there is plenty of merit to this approach, we would like to direct your attention to the effectiveness of a sign that contrasts well with the hue. Mind you, we are not talking about color combinations that are over the top. Rather, this is a color setup that contrasts by virtue of the darker hues against a lighter backdrop. Tying together the look is a logo style element that features a similar hue as the substrate.

When commissioning your reception area signage, you have the option of choosing a complementing color that blends right in or selecting a set of hues that stands out more. Doing the latter appeals greatly to the industrial sector. Harmonizing various tones is not something that manufacturing companies usually look for. The reason may be the tenor of the message. Whereas health or financial services providers have a range of branding messages, industrial companies look to emphasize their abilities to get the job done on time and on budget. Boldness perfectly captures the sentiment. Not surprisingly, it is best expressed in a contrasting color display.

How to Find the Right Look for Your Business

If all this talk of color selections leaves you scratching your head, do not worry. Our professionals meet with your management staff to put together a lobby sign display that works well for your company, communicates your branding message and look great. We create a variety of sketches that show what your proposed reception area marker will look like. Having the opportunity to look at the product like a consumer usually makes the choice easy.

When you need lobby signs for industrial companies in Charlotte, NC, nobody can beat the attention to detail and the extensive selection of materials, manufacturing techniques and mounting options that our professionals offer. When you are just starting out in business, or are rebranding, our experts help you with the design of signage that is perfect for your company. We take into consideration the signage preferences of your competitors, look over the artwork that you may already have and then consult with you on your vision for the finished product. Call us today to get the process started!