Channel Letter Repair Service in Charlotte, North Carolina

Having gorgeous custom made channel letters on your building do a lot to bring attention to your business. They give a respectful image that consumers admire. However, if your channel letters are in not in the best of shape, this respectful image will be gone.

Ever drive by a business where there is one letter missing or just one letter not illuminated? What perception do you automatically create in your mind of the business? Even though many people would not be proud to admit this, many people do judge a store or business by its exterior appearance…and that also includes channel letters. If they see a letter that is darkened amongst other lit letters or a cracked letter, one can subconsciously feel as if the business does not care much about their image and may offer poor service or less than worthy products. This thought process can deepen if the signage remains broken over time.

Channel letters are one of the most reliable methods of branding and marketing. When they are produced by skilled sign makers and are expertly installed by an installer experienced with these types of applications, these letters usually stay in place and remain in excellent condition. However, just like everything else, a repair may be necessary.

The Natural Market Place’s has brightly illuminated channel letters that captured the attention of locals health enthusiasts. However, a portion of their letters illumination ceased and they called us to come to their rescue. This image of their before signage is in this article. To see the finished look, check out their photo on our Pinterest page.

The Sign Factory offers repair services to business in the Charlotte area. We create and install new custom channel letters, so we know these letters inside and out. Here are some of the repair services that we can offer you:

  • Fix broken faces.
  • Change the faces of the letters.
  • Change the color of the letters.
  • Change the lighting type.
  • Replace missing letters.
  • Install fallen letters.

If you find yourself needing a channel letter repair, here are a few questions that we may ask you so that we know how we can help you out best:

  • Is your sign illuminated?
  • Is the illumination neon or LED?
  • Is it just one letter that needs repair or a few letters?
  • Is the entire sign not lit?
  • How long have you had this signage?

If your channel letters are in need of repainting, we urge you to make these repairs as soon as possible. This will help the reputation of your business’s image.

When you are in need of channel letter repair, give us a call at 704-321-0040 and tell us how we can help you out!