Channel Letter Sign Design Choices for Charlotte

The Sign Factory is committed to providing our clients with uniquely created signage products for a wide variety of companies and non-profit organizations. Lately, we have been fielding questions from some clients who are confused about their channel letter sign design choices for Charlotte locations. In an effort to take the myth out of the sign, we are offering some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Q: Are channel letters as durable as lightbox cabinets?

A: Yes, they are. In fact, the design of both signage products is surprisingly similar. The letter’s body is made from aluminum. The front is made from acrylic. On the interior, LEDs provide the illumination that makes these signs so easy to notice after dark.

Q: How do you mount the letters?

A: Generally speaking, there are two acceptable mounting options. Direct mounts allow us to install the letters directly to your façade. It creates a snug fit that is visually attractive against a contrasting backdrop. The second mounting option involves a raceway. In this scenario, we install each letter to a piece of aluminum. We can paint it to exactly fit your facade’s color. This is a preferred installation method when structural problems or an uneven façade makeup would make a direct mount impractical.

Q: Is it true that there are multiple lighting options?

A: Yes, there are. The most common lighting option is a front-lit version that allows the light to escape from the front after dark. It presents shoppers with a colorful display of your company’s name. Used far less often is the halo-lit setup. In this setting, the fronts of the letters are made of aluminum and then painted. The back is covered with clear or lightly colored acrylic. The light escapes from the back, which halos the letters. It is possible to combine both lighting options. In addition, it is also possible to not use any lights at all. This is rare, but some clients do prefer non-lit markers.

Q: Can you combine channel letters with other signage products?

A: It is not uncommon to combine a channel letter sign with a lightbox cabinet that is shaped like a company logo. This allows for a display that brands and markets. Some clients like the idea of adding a lightbox cabinet as a decorative touch as well.

Q: Are these signs available only in one color?

A: Actually, no. You have plenty of options. In fact, we routinely provide our clients with design ideas for channel letter signs in Charlotte and its surrounding areas. Color choices affect the acrylic face, the return, the trim cap and also the raceway (if used). Some of our clients have now begun to request non-standard LED colors as well.

Q: How do I know that this is the right signage product for my business’ façade?

A: We welcome the opportunity to visit your location for a site survey. We measure the space above your entryway and look for structural challenges that may make installation of a channel letter sign impractical. Next, we offer you sketches of the proposed signage product, which lets you see what the finished setup would look like. Call us today for more information on this process!