Channel Letters in Charlotte NC for Heavy Equipment Dealers

Located at 600 Lawton Road, G&W Equipment, Inc. is the local authorized Cat Lift Truck dealer. If you want to see the product in person, make a purchase, rent rather than buy, or get that hard-to-find part, this is your go-to professional. When the company needed channel letters in Charlotte, NC, for heavy equipment dealers to mark the location of its new office and parts addition, the team’s representative contacted us for assistance.

Designing, Manufacturing, and Installing a Raceway-mounted Channel Letter Sign

After meeting with the client, we ensured a perfect color match for the signage. The logo portion’s triangles feature a red tone with black stripes. The lettering presents with white facings. Because of the façade’s makeup and the client’s preference, we installed the lettering with a raceway mount. Our technicians painted it in a color that goes perfectly with the charcoal gray of the building front’s bricks. Since the trim accents of the building’s design also feature red, the sign blends in perfectly with the overall look of the setting but still manages to stand out in all the right ways.

Installing Channel Letters

When we meet with clients who order channel letters, our experts discuss three installation options.

1. Raceway mount. If you are thinking of taking a page from the playbook of G&W Equipment, Inc., you would ask us to attach the individual letters to this narrow, elongated box that we then install to the façade. The box hides the wiring and associated hardware for the illumination of the sign. It is an ideal solution when the building’s façade does not allow an easy access to the backs of the letters, or you have a clause in your lease that prohibits the flush mounting of individual sign components.

2. Flush mount. In this scenario, our installers attach each letter individually to the wall. We drill the holes needed to support the weight and anchoring of the product. Our technicians finish the installation from behind the building’s front where they hook up the electrical components. This mounting method requires unrestricted access to the backs of the letters from behind the façade. If other building components are in the way, this is not a good option.

3. Panel mount. When the paint of your building and the color of the letters are too similar, you need a product that will match both tones but create the visual contrast required to make the sign stand out. Granted, you could change the color of the façade or compromise on the tone of your channel letters, but the former would be too costly, and the latter may interfere with your branding efforts. Selecting the addition of a panel in between the two surfaces is a better idea.

How to Order a Channel Letter Sign

Whether you need channel letters in Charlotte, NC, for heavy equipment dealers or you are in a different line of business altogether, starting the ordering process begins with a call to our graphic artists and the scheduling of a consultation appointment. At that time, we look at the artwork you have on file, come out to takes measurements of the façade, and provide you with a proposed look of the sign’s finished presentation. In fact, when you contact us today, we can schedule your appointment right away!