Channel Letters Promote Event Center in Charlotte NC

Nestled in the Greylyn Business Park between a family dentist and the Southern Gourmet, the Southern Garden Events venue offers 2,500 square feet of indoor event space for weddings and other affairs. Seating between 25 and 140 guests, this is your go-to place for intimate meetings, dinners, business presentations and special occasions. To ensure ideal visibility and branding, the company’s management team contacted our experts for assistance with building signage.

Channel Letters for Event Centers in Charlotte, NC

The lettering perfectly identifies the branding message with its easy-to-recognize font. For the logo, we manufactured a box cabinet that displays the likeness of two leaves. The detail work is stunning, which heightens the visual attractiveness of the product. We installed the signage perfectly centered above the entranceway. Doing so imbues the setting with a balanced appearance that communicates to the consumer that this location is run by a management team that cares about the perfect look and feel of its presentation. This branding message is, of course, crucial for a meeting venue.

How to Promote Your Brand with Signage

Branding is an art as much as it is a science. It appeals to the consumer on the gut level. For this reason, your branding message can come across via your building signage when you see the product as a sum of its parts.

  • Product choices. Channel letters are the ideal selection for the business that relies on a specialty font to show off its company name. A box cabinet makes sense when your trade includes professional affiliations or memberships in its branding message. Dimensional letters are perfect when you like to play around with the display a little bit to highlight your firm’s attitude toward doing business.
  • Mounting options. The choice of your product determines the installation techniques that we can use for mounting the sign to your façade. Even here, you have some options that can communicate your branding message. For example, the display of light-colored channel letters against the backdrop of darker bricks always creates a whimsical look. Letters installed against a board add pizzazz and a hint of modernism. Raceway mounts embrace functionality and a no-nonsense approach.
  • Mounting locations. Display your signage perfectly centered above your entryway, and you present a balanced look. Mount it off to a side, and you not only leave room for temporary banner displays as needed, but you also direct the eye to the side, where you might be advertising with secondary signage via windows or sidewalk displays. Perpendicularly mounted shingle signage resonates with shoppers who prize an old-world vibe.

Discovering the Right Building Signage for Your Company

Whether you need channel letters for banquet halls in Charlotte, NC, or want to commission a box cabinet for your new restaurant, store or service location, discuss your plans with our graphic artists. We work with you to decide on the appropriate signage that would be ideal for your company’s branding message as well as for the business that you are running. During our consultation, we talk more about branding, advertising and size options. Contact us today to get started on your project.