Charlotte Banners Can Capture Attention for your Business

With Charlotte being such a large city it can be difficult for businesses to capture the necessary attention that they need. Banners are a great marketing solution to draw customers over and through your doors. There are a wide variety of banners to choose from:

  • Vinyl banners that hang on a building or from a stand,
  • Pop-ups and feather flags that can be set out in front of your business.

The process of choosing your banner should be well thought out. Think of what may capture attention and bring customers in. Be creative.

Banners are used in a variety of ways:

  • Advertising Specials,
  • Promotions,
  • Presenting a special dish for a restaurant
  • Sending important messages to customers
  • The List Is Endless.

Banners should be used as a way of telling people “Come over here”. One good way to use banners is at a street fair in your town. Think of all the foot traffic that will be going by and noticing your business. Using big fonts instead of small ones makes banners more noticeable and easier to read for anyone going by. Apply the less is more attitude when it comes to the number of words you use; people do not want to read anything that is long.

Use bright, bold colors and simple graphics to capture the eyes of those going by.

Here are some ways to use banners:

  • Banners and flags can be attention-grabbing whether placed outside or inside of a business.
  • Another good way to get attention is hanging a large banner in your storefront window to use as a backdrop or on a blank wall inside your business.
  • Banners are so versatile and easy to use. Consider draping a large banner on the front or side of your building if you are located near a busy intersection.
  • If you are not in a prime location than renting ad space from a business that is in a good location is a great option.
  • Another good area to hang a vinyl banner is on a bridge with a high volume of traffic. Many bridges are owned by municipalities but may rent ad space. Using a bridge to advertise on can give your company a huge advantage over competitors as not many companies think to do it.
  • Hang flags or banners in a parking lot to brighten it up. Feather flags work well when either set outside of a business or down the block. They wave in the wind and are definitely eye-catching to anyone that goes by it.

To sum up; banners and flags are versatile enough to be hung, set or placed almost anywhere to capture attention and bring some added visibility to your business. To get started to call The Sign Factory at 704-321-0040 and talk to a creative member of our team.